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The Ultimate Dude-Friendly Diet Guide

Which diet is the tastiest, cheapest, and easiest?
by Pauline Lacanilao | Aug 7, 2018
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Let’s start with the bad news: no matter what those late-night infomercials and #fitspo Instagram accounts tell you, there isn’t a silver bullet that will give you your dream body without some hard work. That means quick fixes like crash dieting, magic pills, and those jiggling “weight loss” contraptions they sell at the mall seem too good to be true, because they are. Fortunately, we have good news, too. Like everyone who’s made a major body transformation, from Chris Pratt to...Raymond Gutierrez, you can achieve your fitness goals—no matter your starting point—through tried and true lifestyle change. That’s right: diet and exercise. We've covered a very wide range of workouts, to help you bulk up or trim down, but that’s only half the battle. And to help you sort through all the diet options out there, we've listed down some according to a real dude's concerns.

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The Girlfriend-Friendly Diet

This diet works if you and your girlfriend or wife are trying to lose weight together, and want an easy way to hold each other accountable. It also works if you want an uso diet that you can talk to girls about if you're a single dude. For the most part, it won’t disrupt your life. And it’s pretty low-maintenance, simple to follow, and probably looks like the dieting your partner has been doing intuitively already. Another bonus: this is the most wallet-friendly diet!

Advocates of the Intermittent Fasting (IF) diet promise lasting weight loss, lowered risk of heart disease and diabetes, and increased physical and mental strength. It incorporates regular periods of low to no food consumption into one’s routine. Typically, you’d be eating as you normally do 5 days a week, and fasting for 2.

The Meat Lover's Diet

Paleo dieting is modeled on the eating habits of ancient hunter-gatherers, meaning it prescribes quality foods free of additives or chemicals, and restricts you from grains, dairy, legumes, salt, and sugar. On the other hand, that leaves a lot of meat on the table! So if you can’t get enough of organic meat, fruit, and vegetables—this is the lifestyle for you. On this diet, people tend to lose fat, because of its restrictive nature. But because you’ll be getting tons of clean protein, it’s also a good foundation for bulking up if you're hitting the gym. Try a deli service like Paleo Manila.

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The Earth Friendly Diet

Want to ditch wasteful food along with straws and plastic bags? From raw vegan to vegetarian, there are lots of ways to abide by a plant-based diet—which boasts lowered blood pressure and higher cancer prevention. Plus, rumor has it that your, uh, fluids, will taste better on a plant-based diet.

The raw vegan diet is the strictest, excluding all foods of animal origin as well as food cooked above 48 degrees. On top of the ethical benefits, raw vegans claim that cooking food at higher temperatures destroys micronutrients. Lacto-ovo vegetarians are on the other end of the spectrum, permitting themselves dairy (lacto) and eggs (ovo). So on this version of the diet, you can still have meals like lasagna and brownies, making it more convenient to eat out with non-veg friends. Check out V Kitchen and Greenery Kitchen.

The Tastiest Diet

Diets always make us think lame food, but that's not true for all of them! It’s pretty high-maintenance, but the ketogenic diet is one of the tastiest ways to get a cut body. Normally, people burn energy from sugar, which they get from carbohydrates. But on the low-carb keto diet, the body is forced to burn energy from fat instead. This means that while the diet restricts you from rice, pizza, and french fries, you actually get to eat a ton of indulgent fatty foods, like bacon, cheese, avocado, and coffee with cream. Plus, on this diet, you’ll burn fat even while you’re sleeping! Note that this diet is not for those with diabetes or high blood pressure. Hit up Fit Food Manila and Ketogenic Diet PH.

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The Easiest Diet

Cheap and easy, the macro-counting diet can be incorporated into anyone’s lifestyle. Basically, the diet revolves around keeping track of your proteins, carbs, and fats, making sure that you maintain a ratio of about 30% protein, 40% carbs, and 30% fat. What makes it so easy, is that you’re not depriving your body at all. You’re simply giving it the correct ratio of nutrients for peak performance and there are free apps like MyFitnessPal and IIFYM to help you track your intake. All you need to do is read some nutrition labels and get a food scale. Or to make it even more hassle free, you can go for a meal delivery plan from a service like The Six Pack Chef.

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