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Cool Stuff We Want Right Now: A Badass Chopper, The Gamer's Cake, And Cool, Non-Boring Furniture!

Prepare to drool and check your wallets!
by KC Calpo | Mar 20, 2015
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Time for another round of Cool Stuff We Want Right Now! Ready to add yet more items to your wish lists? We sure are!

We also have a confession to make: We once felt bad about lusting after so many awesome things online because, you know, we're BROKE and all. But now we're all good. We'll never run out of cool things to look at and pine for, and (the best part) we're not alone in this misery. We're bringing you down with us! *cue maniacal laugh

Here we go, gents!


lenovo yoga 3 pro

We've seen several iterations of the Lenovo Yoga product line for some time now, and we previously thought the brand's had a good run with it. But then the slim, flexible, and capable Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro spent some quality time with us, and, we gotta's not just good. It really is damn fine.

Us not having P77,000 at the ready? Not fine. Not at all. Any tips on how we can justify the cost to our S.O., or our boss? #InstaPoor


cool stuff we wantImage via Cara Mia Cake on Facebook

We want the Nintendo Console Cake, and we'll freakin' eat it, too! An Australian bakery named Cara Mia Cake made this retro gaming-themed cake for a wedding, but we say they should make it a regular offering. "Choc cake filled with a cookies and cream white chocolate ganache"—yes, please!


cool stuff we wantImage via

Here we go again with the old-school stuff! We can't help it; we're a child of the '80s and the '90s, after all. My Retro Game Box banks on this hankering for old games, and offers three titles per month for select Nintendo and Sega gaming systems. You won't know what games you're gonna get; My Retro Game Box will choose for you based on your preferences. And you get to keep all the games you receive. Sweet!

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My Retro Game Box isn't taking subscriptions right now, but once it does, prices will start at $96 (around P4,300) for a three-month deal. Not bad, if you're really into old-school games.


For those who haven't seen recent episodes of The Walking Dead's fifth season skip this item and move on to the next. We mean it.

In the episode "Forget," Aaron shows Daryl his garage full of random motorcycle parts. He then recruits Daryl to be the second recruiter for Alexandria, taking Eric's place. In the next episode, "Spend," our favorite redneck archer finished putting that motorcycle together, and has begun using it for jaunts outside Alexandria.

The motorcycles used on the show were made by Classified Moto, and with a short production time. We liked Merle Dixon's old chopper, but this's all Daryl, and it looks as gruff and tough as the badass character.

cool stuff we wantImage via

You can get more deets on this commissioned ride over on Bike EXIF. We're crossing our fingers that a retail edition will arrive.


We like toys. You all know that by now. But these mini-toys by Xiang Zhang a.k.a. NightT47...damn, son. That's some serious painting talent. Scarlett Johansson, Tom Hiddleston, Christian Bale, and the late Michael Jackson and Heath Ledger would be proud.

cool stuff we wantImage via

It's not known if Mr. Zhang will be making these figures available to the public but, you have to admit, he can definitely cash in on this talent of his!


cool stuff we wantImage via

From toys to...more toys!

We now have another reason to love LEGO (as if we didn't already): The brickmakers are going to come out with a Kwik-E-Mart Playset in May 2015! Prepare for 2,179 LEGO pieces that make up the store, six figures from The Simpsons (Apu, Marge, Homer, Bart, Chief Wiggum, and Snake), and Chief Wiggum's police car.

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And the second generation of The Simpsons LEGO mini-figures will also be out in May, with both main and minor characters—16 in total.

We have more than enough time to get to the toy counter with $200 (almost P9,000) in our hands for the Kwik-E-Mart, and $3.99 (P180) for each second-gen LEGO The Simpsons mini-figures.


We always want more storage space, battery life, and an extra cable for our smartphones. And we're finally getting all three in one device, in the form of the super-small and suave PK K'isauve. It offers 128GB in additional mobile storage, a USB key, an emergency battery, and a USB-C cable. It also works with iOS and Android devices, and has waterproofing and 50-meter drop protection.

cool stuff we wantImage via

Its Indiegogo campaign closed on March 16, garnering over $53,000 (around P1.5 million) in funding. Whoa!

You can actually pre-order it now for $160 (around P7,170) with a 30-percent discount already implemented. Target delivery date would be around June-August 2015. The regular price? $230 (around P10,300).


cool stuff we wantImage via

There are regular dining tables. And then there are sculptural tables like Michael Beitz's 28-foot long wooden table. Aside from the fact that that table looks really cool, it also tempts us to make our little toy cars do a few flips on it, which we'll gladly do (while our parents and GFs are not watching of course!). Looks like a very good investment to us. Too bad deets on possible price and availability are not yet available. Anyway, you can check out more of Beitz's work here.


cool stuff we wantImage via

NEW SHOW ALERT: Vertigo Comics title iZOMBIE is the latest to head to the small screen, and we wanna see the differences between the comics and the show, because we know there will be a lot. For the clueless: Lady turns into a zombie, then helps solve crimes by eating the deceased victim's brains? Color us intrigued!

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Our plan? Read the comics first (including the $1 or around P45 for the first issue), and then binge-watch. Get an intro to the show over here.


Image via

If your weekend's gonna be spent indoors, you might as well sit your ass down on this beautiful Club Chair from MY APT and 13 Lucky Monkey. The skulls on the armrest are a real nice touch. Your potential living-room throne is available now at MY APT and Heima for P49,900.


cool stuff we wantGIF via

In items that make us want to be kids again, the Deepspace Defender bed from Etsy seller FableBedWorks comes in the shape of an intricately-designed door to a rocket ship thatget thisflips down to reveal a cozy resting station whenever you feel like getting some Zs!

Want to lie on this space-lover's delight? It can be ordered online and starts at $14,300 (around P640,000). Expensive, but it's certainly a beauty!

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