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Be An Urbanized Pack Rat With These Man Bags!

Storage for your urban thingamajigs in good-looking packages
by Neps Firmalan | Nov 2, 2013
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Offering a host of merchandise useful for city-dwellers, Urbanize could very well be our BFF when it comes to being equipped for an urban existence. From gadgets like headphones to tools like pliers and even anti-theft equipment, it's basically a one-stop shop for our urban lifestyle needs. 

urbanize store shangri-la plaza mall

Urbanize has just opened its second store in the fifth level of Shangri-La Mall, and we're wishing they would open more soon. Call us tamad, but we really dislike visiting many stores just to get allaltogether now"urbanized!" Naks!

And it's not just about convenience. The quality of products found in this store is also worth noting. We're talking top-notch lifestyle bags and casing brands such as Otterbox, Thule, and Pacsafe. But there's one's product line that really caught our eye: man bags. Why so? Let's just say we want to look sleek and macho while hauling our things, and these certainly have the looks and functionality to do the trick.

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Scroll down for our picks of the best from the lot!

1) STM Impulse Laptop Bagman bags stm impulse
What it is: A backpack made for those who want to cram a ton of crap in a tight space (which is basically 99 percent of all dudes). The Impulse's got loads of compartments of different sizes, letting you store anything from your laptop to books to chargers and cables. Its suspension system feature will also help stabilize the load especially when you're on the road.

Perfect storage for: Laptops, tablets, and medium to large books
Get it for: P5,390

2) Pacsafe Camsafe Venture V5urbanize man bags pacsafe camsafe v5
What it is: Hey you outdoor travel junkies who want to snap away, here's the Venture V5. Sure, it looks like a simple black backpack, but it's actually an SLR storage kit! It has more than enough space for an SLR cam's body, lens, and even the cables that are often lost deep inside a bag. To protect your gear from bumps, the Venture V5 has a padded layer inside, and it also comes with Smart Zippers that you can lock together for added security.

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Perfect storage for: SLR cameras and lens
Get it for: P9,890

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