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Why #MOMOLReady Is Better Than A Stubble

Trust us, we have enough reasons to make you shave
| Mar 6, 2014
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You may think that a stubble amps up your macho points—but that's often not true. Facial hair may make you look manly in photos, but women won't relish the whisker burns you're bound to give them when you're in full-on #MOMOLReady mode. Unclean shaves are only sexy to females when they don’t have to rub their delicate faces against it.

If you were sporting any of these stubble types, it probably explains why you didn't get much lambing moments on Valentine's Day—and why you may have to say goodbye to any chances of future #MOMOL sessions, too.  


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1. The Barely-There Stubble

You know you weren't blessed with the hairy gene, but you're not shaving because you're still hopeful that you'll be able to grow considerable facial hair. It will take time and patience on your part to achieve that beard. Ok lang, if you don’t have plans on getting a girl, but if you’re hoping to at least reach #MOMOL stage, then better get rid of that fuzz.


2. The Scrub

Have you ever tried washing pots with those cleaning pads? That's what your cheeks feel like with your 24-hour "shadow" and coarse facial hair. If you don't believe us, try washing your face with a new cleaning pad. Trust us, masakit yan. Your MOMOL-mate won't appreciate you giving her a facial scrub.


3. Buhok ng Pusa Stubble

You remember how excited and proud you were the first time you grew your first facial hair in high school? Nagbibilangan at nag-uunahan kayong makabuo nang bigote ng barkada mo. It was fun then. Now if you're still having that same issue where you're still waiting for that full beard and mustache, then you must take this as a sign. Stop and just shave it. After all, girls nowadays prefer smooth loving to rough skin.


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4. The Silver Strays

No matter what they say, stray hair on your chin does not look attractive. And it's worse if you have silvers on your facial hair as it’s harder to hide. Hindi bagay ang silver stubble sa lahat. So for your sake, stick to shaving and remember that you're only allowed to sport this stubble if you’re set on hiding inside your cave. Otherwise, maintain a clean-shave even when you're already an actual lolo


5. The Cover-up

This facial hair refers to stubbles that's so elaborate, parang carpet. Obvious na may tinatago. Men who sport this style are usually trying to hide a facial imperfection such as a scar, a not-too-strong chin, or a non-chiseled jawline. This may seem fair, kasi yung mga girls may make-up. But if you think about it, we guys rarely like #MOMOL sessions when we have to taste their thick makeup. Just the same, girls are turned off if they have to go through your thick stubble. So shave and take your own advice to stay natural.

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Remember: Good grooming earns points that could take you all the way to the #MOMOLReady zone.

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