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Your Ultimate 2012 Playbook

<em>FHM</em>&rsquo;s guide to completely overhauling yourself
by Ronjay Eduvas | Jan 17, 2012
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If you’re quick to dismiss New Year’s resolutions, it’s likely because most of us are used to breaking them. Or you’ve uttered them often in between the heady mix of beer and firecrackers, making the traditional to-dos convenient to forget.

What you need is a handy and practical template on how to raise your game—from what to eat, wear, and buy, and, of course, how to cover the cost. While we list the fundamentals and some challenges that have dogged you in the past, remember that this is also about restarting with a fresh arsenal of stuff that’s worth a try or two. So banish the thought of FHM turning “self-help” on you; we simply make a case for progression. It’ll still be you next year, only better.

Hit the gallery below and upgrade yourself this new year! For the full list, Grab the January 2012 copy of FHM!

Words: Carol Pajaron
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