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Pia Wurtzbach's Looking For A Date, The Ferrari J50, And 13 Other Things A Man Must Know This Week

Plus: The coolest gym, the coolest hotel suite, and what could possibly be the coolest spaceship in and out of this world
by Mars Salazar | Dec 17, 2016
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Time for your weekly dose of man knowledge! In this issue: The coolest gym in world, the coolest hotel suite, and what could possibly be the coolest spaceship in and out of this world, all wrapped up for your reading pleasure. Read on, gents!


Merry Christmas to our congressmen who had lots of fun at the House of Representatives Christmas party last 15, which saw hefty cash prizes and plane tickets to exotic destinations as raffle prizes. We hope they didn’t come from our taxes!

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Pia Wurtzbach might be off the market for now (she’s rumored to be dating racecar driver Marlon Stockinger) but you can still be her date for the Miss Universe pageant by donating to her Omaze charity campaign! Other great prizes like personalized videos and shoutouts are also within reach.


Wi-Fi is, without a doubt, one of the greatest inventions of the human race. Now, US engineers have taken it to the next level by generating Wi-Fi transmissions that use 10,000 less power than the usual connections (no more drained batteries!) and can be seamlessly integrated into existing hardware. We’re probably not going to see this cutting-edge tech in the PH anytime soon, but hey, you just never know!


Ever wondered what animals would tell us if they could talk? Well, we don’t have any answers ready for you, but as it turns out, monkey vocal chords are actually speech-ready, but they squawk because they don’t have the brain parts to control it. One point for evolution!

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Some good news for our friends who can’t function at all without their eyeglasses: a procedure called a vitrectomy can actually restore eyesight in the legally blind people. It involves replacing the tissue behind the lens of the eye with a saline solution—not as painless as LASIK, but probably much cheaper. Cool beans!

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Speaking of eyesight, it wouldn’t hurt you to unplug from your gadgets every once in a while: the blue light from your phones, laptops, and tablets can cause digital eyestrain, harming your eyes in the long run. Whoops!


Our wives and girlfriends and crushes all love Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, but we’re not bothered at all because we love him, too. How can you not, when he goes around treating a bunch of sick kids to a special advance screening of Rogue One?



No one likes fruitcake. Fine, some do, but we’d like to believe that most sane human beings don’t. Sadly, Starbucks obviously didn’t get the memo, seeing as they created a Fruitcake Frappuccino for the holiday season. On the bright side, it’s only available in select USA and Canada stores until December 18—we’re saved!


Looks like mankind is one step closer to achieving its hyperspace dreams: NASA researchers are collaborating with Stephen Hawking to build a starship that can travel at one-fifth the speed of light. They’re still figuring out the logistics and hardware for it, but hey, this is very exciting news!

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Meet Jonathan Selby, an American guy who has been traveling the world on a handmade boat for two years. He’s now docked in Palawan, and he’d sometimes dress up as Santa Claus while teaching Christian songs and gospels to kids. Ho, ho, ho!


In what could possibly the sweetest tragedy in the history of mankind, a 24-year-old Russian mom of two fell to her death in a vat of chocolate while taking her kids to a candy factory in Moscow. “She was minced, only her legs were left,” said a source. That’s some Final Destination-level horror, right there.

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We’ve found our new dream car: the Ferrari J50, which commemorates 50 years of France selling cars in Japan. Uber sleek, uber fast, uber expensive, and with only 10 models made, it’s the stuff our ultimate car dreams are made of.


The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas has released new peso bills signed by President Duterte, making the new admin as legit as it can be. Check it out!

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We’ve found the ultimate honeymoon destination: the Katara Suite in Milan’s Excelsior Hotel Gallia, a four-bedroom, 10,764-square foot space with its own elevator and conference room that costs a whopping £17,000 per night. It’s so awesome, it has been voted the world’s best suite in the annual World Travel Awards. Must be worth it!


We’d probably go to the gym more often if it were like the Paris Navigating Gym, a gym boat that can sail along the River Seine using the power generated by its customers’ workouts. So cool!

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