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4 Goodies For Good Blood Flow!

<p>Blood is good. Bloody good, actually</p>
by Mikey Agulto | Sep 14, 2010
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It’s funny how our knowledge of blood has always been associated with gore and pain, when it is in fact the very reason we’re alive and kicking in the first place.
Let's talk actual anatomy—and not what you're thinking, you perv— shall we? Blood delivers necessary substances like oxygen to body parts. It is also responsible for transporting waste products away from our system.

Here are four more necessary bonuses that we get from good circulation:

1. Sharpened Mind
A good blood flow can and will enhance your memory and concentration, preventing memory problems that haunt older men.

Food supplements with Ginkgo Biloba – one of the most ancient medicinal herbs to reduce blood viscosity – can improve blood flow and in the process, our memory as well. It also relieves symptoms of Alzheimer’s, vascular impotence, and kidney problems.

2. Numbness and Tingling Sensation Over Pain!
Problems with blood circulation include hypertension, vein diseases, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. When there is poor blood circulation in the body, weakness in some parts follows.

Supplements with Garlic Oil help lessen the amount of dangerous lipids in the body and expel harmful wastes, which in turn, will bring down blood pressure and cholesterol levels. As much as we take our body for granted, we prefer the feeling of numbness over pain.

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3. Better Sleep
Because 24 hours doesn't seem enough anymore, blood flow suffers—and so do our health and your work performance. For blood to circulate better, rest. The funny thing is, for good rest, you'll actually need blood.

Supplements with Lemon Balm (aka The Calming Herb) contain elements which act as a mild sedative, helping induce sleep, relieve fatigue, improve blood flow and improve memory. It also happens to assist in regulating breathing and heartbeat.

4. A Younger Look and Feel
It’s fast turning into a cliché, but who doesn't want to look younger than your actual age? Or at the very least, remain as you look today even till tomorrow? Blood flow can help you with that. 

Try supplements with Hawthorne Berry. It is a potent natural antioxidant that increases coronary flow and improves skin elasticity. It’s also been known to lower high blood pressure, helping us en route to a Christopher De Leon physique in like, 20-30 years.

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Unless you want to speed up aging, in turn speeding up ailments, and ultimately speeding up death, you'll want to watch and improve your blood circulation.

Dietary food supplements that caters to better blood circulation such as Circulan 4-in-1 contains herbal extracts with healing properties, four of whom help make sure our blood flow is on the right pace.


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