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5 Simple Exercises For Sando-Ready Guns (Gym Membership Not Required)

Say hello to your not-so-little friends
by Viella Galvez | Mar 18, 2017
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There are places in the world where it’d be a sin not to live a healthy lifestyle. Sadly, living in commuter-unfriendly Manila makes pursuing an active lifestyle an expensive chore. Being surrounded by smoggy streets, non-existent sidewalks, and more concrete than trees (amplifying the heat and humidity by the time it reaches your skin) are the biggest reasons why there are so many gyms and fitness centers around us, with so many people in them.

In a city where spending too much time outside comes with the risk of contracting respiratory illness, what do you do when you want to exercise, but can’t get a gym membership?


Use what’s available: your home (or the neighborhood playground), and your Internet connection. Just like in this article, we’ve already told you: the Internet is NOT ONLY for porn, but also for exercise.

Here are 5 Superset Exercises for your upper bod, without having to commit to a gym membership.

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Supersets work more muscles in a shorter span of time, ergo, more time to use your limited bandwidth for, uh, other things.

Rule of thumb: Complete as many sets (8-12 reps/exercise, up to 3 complete sets for each Superset) of each Superset in 5 minutes, then move on to the next Superset! 

That’s 25 minutes to complete Supersets A-E, then an extra 5 for some cooldown stretches, making for 30 minutes that you don’t spend waiting for kingdom come at the gym. You’re welcome.

1) Superset A: Diamond Push Ups / Side Plank

Why it’s awesome: This superset is for your chest, back, biceps, triceps, deltoids, lats, and core. ‘Nuff said.

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All You Need: Just an intense need to fire up your guns and pecs.

Set Yourself Up:

1) Diamond Push Ups: Hands form a diamond under your shoulders, straighten your spine and legs, heels high

2) Side Plank: One hand under your shoulder, fingers spread, arm engaged (not locked at the elbow), straight diagonal line from head to heels, top arm extended upward

How To Do A Rep:

1) Diamond Push Ups: Bend your elbows away from each other while maintaining your plank. Push up off the floor and come back up as you exhale.

2) Side Plank: After the last pushup, adjust one hand under the same shoulder and swivel your body toward the opposite side. Lift opposite hand up toward the ceiling, or put your hand on your hip. Hold for 4 deep breaths.

Tips for Success:

1) Keep your chin up, fingers spread apart, and shoulders down

2) Engage your core when going into side plank, and don't rush!

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3) Exhale on the way up for more power in your pushup

2) Superset B: Chin Ups / Inverted Row

Why It’s Awesome: An Inverted Row is the gateway drug to eventually doing Pull Ups and Chin Ups.

All You Need: A Sturdy Horizontal Bar (Not your bathroom shower curtain rod, please.)

Set Yourself Up:

1) Chin Ups: Hands elbow-width (when bent), underhand grip, palms facing you

2) Inverted Row: Hands elbow-width (when bent), overhand grip, palms facing away from you

How To Do A Rep:

Just look at this dude for some inspiration:

You can even do inverted rows with a chin-up grip:

Tips For Success:

1) Keep your shoulders and neck loose, and your spine long

2) Pull yourself up with an exhale to engage your core

3) Take your time and add some CONTROL on the way down


3) Superset C: Triceps Extension / Rows

Why It’s Awesome: Your triceps and back will be glistening in the sunlight in your sando after this Superset.

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All You Need: A long, tight resistance band, OR some TRX equipment, OR bodyweight (with a Sturdy Horizontal Bar)

How To Do A Rep: Depending on what you have available, here are versions of the exercise that you can follow…

Triceps Extension

Resistance Band: 

TRX Equipment



Resistance Band

TRX Equipment

Tips For Success:

1) Engage those abdominals to keep your body rigid

2) Keep your elbows close and steady

4) Superset D: Full-to-Forearm Plank / Forearm Plank Pikes 

Why It’s Awesome: Far from the crazy internet fad, horizontal planks kick butt for the vertically-upright.

All You Need: Nuffin’.

How To Do A Rep:

Full-to-Forearm Plank

Forearm Plank Pikes

Tips For Success:

1) This isn’t a dance class, so don’t move your hips when you lower to your forearms

2) Flatten your abs as you walk your feet in to the pike position

5) Superset E: Crab Walk / Reverse Plank Dips

Why it’s Awesome: After all the past 4 Supersets, you need to give your chest a stretch. This’ll give you the stretch, and work your shoulders AND core.

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All You Need: Just enough room to move around, and a flat surface for your palms.

Set Yourself Up:

1) Crabwalk: Men’s Health gives a pretty good description of how the crabwalk looks.

2) Reverse Plank Dips: Keep your hands under your shoulders, but start to lift the hips higher. You can keep your knees bent over your heels, or straighten legs all the way in front of you.

How To Do A Rep:

1) Crabwalk: See Spiderman (below).

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2) Reverse Plank Dips: Bend your elbows, then exhale to stretch.

Tips for Success:

1) Engage your core every time you move in the Crabwalk, and every time you bend your elbows

2) Exhale deeply to tighten abs when you straighten arms in Reverse Plank Dips

3) Keep hips lifted, and squeeze your triceps when you straighten your arms

The world’s your playground, so why restrict yourself to getting fit at the gym, where you spend half your time in a queue with other impatient people waiting for the current dude to finish using the Seated Chest Press Machine?

If you’ve ever had a gym membership, then you know that you usually have to pay more to get results. Many a membership has been wasted because of various reasons (i.e. the abhorrent state of most gym locker rooms), and the last thing you want is to pay for something that you can’t maximize.

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