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7 Easy Ways to Loving Planet Earth!

Earth Day's on April 22. Time to become a planeteer!
by Lou E. Albano | Apr 17, 2012
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Summer’s a bit hotter this year, eh? Sun’s a bit stronger, and what’s with that weird week of rain last March? And the almost simultaneous earthquakes in Indonesia and Mexico. And the recent tornado in the mid-west of America. We pay attention not because we’re small talking with you (hey, how’s the weather), but because it’s time we do. It is Earth Day (on April 22) after all, and if we don’t, well Mother Earth can simply brush us off to extinction.

We get that becoming green is—we’ll be blunt—almost a turn-off. It requires so much sacrifice, it’s incredibly inconvenient, and really. There are more pressing concerns in your world, like hunger or having enough money to pay your bills. Besides, environmentalists and tree huggers almost always make you feel…bad.  

But it doesn’t have to be the case. It doesn’t always mean supreme sacrifices on your part or permanent inconveniences. Here are 7 simple ways to become a better friend to the environment. Think of them as baby steps. No matter how small, they still count.

Now imagine if more of us start doing these things? The more they’ll count, right?

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