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Cool Stuff We Want Right Now: Beer-Themed Shirts, A One-Of-A-Kind Console, And Hot Toys!

Another dose of things that will make you say "I want that, NOW NA" coming right up!
by KC Calpo | Mar 6, 2015
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It's that time of the week, boys!

Once again, we're going to mouth off and name more things that made us yearn for more money, as well as the time to spend with them. Because adulting is, like, so hard, you know.

A load of cool stuff, up ahead!


A few days after we found out that an Adventure Time movie is "reportedly" in the works, we saw this DIY BMO Handheld Console over at Nerd Approved.

Video via mbarretta90

We super approve! Too bad this one-of-a-kind SNES emulator is not for sale. But hey, if Mr. Barretta, the cool dude who created this masterpiece, can do it, we can create one, too! All we need is our imagination...and a 3D printer.


You read that right. Put on the Pornhub Wankband, play with your junior, and create enough power to charge your other gadgets.

Video via Pornhub

Well, of course we've already written a piece about it so click here to know more about this boner-approved device! Also: PornHub is looking for beta testers. Sign up, wankers!


Here's an easy way to digitize everything you wrote on the office white board: get the Equil Smartmarker. No more taking lousy photos of that board post-meeting! Just put the sensor on your board, start writing with the included marker, and access those white-board notes on your iOS/Android device or desktop. You can stream and share those notes, too!

Video via LuidiaTech

The Equil Smartmarker will launch within the year, and according to this report, it'll be priced at $700 (P31,000). Our next steps: get it, and find someone with amazing handwriting. We don't want to force our officemates to read our chicken scrawl, you know.


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cool stuff we wantImage via

So you want to tinker with your lighting system, but don't know jack about wiring and sockets? Here's a great find that will save your day: BIT Lights. Made by Choi+Shine Architects LLC, this system allows you to connect multiple BIT modules (one BIT module = 460 lumens) of different materials, shapes and sizes easily via magnets; and form as many lighting variations as you want. The part we love the most? On the official product website: “The low power LED is safe and cool to touch, while the polycarbonate shell is impact resistant, and recyclable.” Noice!

No word yet on official pricing and availability. We're willing to wait, though!


cool stuff we wantImage via

Let's continue our online window-shopping over at Etsy, where we spied the steampunk Robot Tie Clip by Las Vegas-based seller CosmicFirefly. It's ultra-geeky and takes away some of the seriousness of donning a tie for whatever reason. It's also added motivation to go formal more often, which we bet your girl or wife will approve of. That's enough for us, really.

Good news, robot fans! This tie clip's now available at Etsy for P1,139!


cool stuff we wantImage via

Some facts for all ye lovers of great beer, apparel and design:

We particularly dig this white Beer Stories shirt. Perfect for a night at a no-frills bar, and makes ordering easy. Whistle, point to the shirt, and drink!

For pricing and availability, check out Team Manila's site and Facebook page. Cheers to both companies for a job well done!


cool stuff we wantImage via

Here comes our next unnecessary-but-vital-to-toy-nerdery purchase: the Hot Toys Avengers: Age of Ultron line of Marvel superhero figures. And the Hulk gets two variants!

These awesome action figures will be available later this year while official SRPs are still TBA as of the moment. Fingers crossed they won't cost an arm and a leg.

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cool stuff we wantImage via

True Story Time: We once met a dude who made photo albums of him with his girlfriend (now his wife) through their relationship's different stages. A few curious questions later, he started flipping through those albums—in the middle of a jampacked bar on a Saturday night—and explaining where they were taken. The ladies in our table and in the next ones started having that "OMG, he's such a sweet boyfriend" look on their faces.

Lesson: Get into photo album-making and scrapbooking. However, if your DIY skills don't cover arts and crafts, the Moleskine Photo Notebook (available for $50 or around P2,200 w/o shipping) is your best option. It's small enough to bring around anywhere or store in smaller shelves; and if you add blank pages, your S.O. can add her own notes on your couples' photos and memorabilia. We guess this year's birthday or anniversary gift is covered.


cool stuff we wantImage via

We like tools. Especially those that have every implement we can think of. Like the Victorinox Swiss Tool Spirit X: this little wonder carries essentials like a screwdriver, scissors, wire cutter/bender/scraper, can opener, and metal saw. Handy.

This super useful tool is now available via Victorinox's online hub for $122 (around P5,400).


cool stuff we wantImage via

Bugatti outed the final Veyron supercar, aptly named La Finale at the on-going 2015 Geneva Motor Show. And what a way to go for the Veyron product line: The La Finale's been bestowed with a super-sleek design, lots of callbacks to Bugatti's history, and an 8-liter W16 engine that helps get the ride to a top speed of 267.8Mph.

Bugatti hasn't disclosed the La Finale's asking price yet, although common sense dictates that it's not for the 99-percent.

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