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Spoil Yourself Silly With These Not-So-Average Gift Ideas

Christmas might be over, but that doesn't mean you can't spend for yourself
by FHM Team | Jan 9, 2017
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Rewards are small things that can motivate you. They could be something that could remind you of how hard you worked, or an object that could serve as a symbol for a goal you just conquered. Rewarding yourself with a little gift (or something a bit more expensive, depending on your budget) is one way of helping you power through the daily grind. Hey, instant gratification is one heck of a feeling, and you deserve it.   

And in case you're not so sure what to drop your hard earned cash on, here are some cool ideas to help you in your decision making: 

Tokyo Bike 

Get a Tokyo Bike. Why? Because it has bullet headlights and a bell. Has fine English leather saddles that go with a stylish bag. Overall, it has that hip retro look. Which means it doesn’t require you to wear lycra shorts that flaunt your nuts. Which means when girls stare at you, it’s because of the bike, `not your nuts. They will want to ride it. You’ll let them. You’ll assist them. Score!

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Tokyo Bike Single Speed P53,999, Maximus Athlete’s Shop Cafe

PS4 Pro and PS VR

4K hasn’t unseated 1080p yet, but the bar of entry has dropped quite a bit this 2016. Naysayers will say, “There’s no need to go 4K yet!” But once you’ve actually gamed at 4K you’ll realize they’ve been talking through gritted teeth. Get your 4K-ready PS4 Pro now and get the PS VR while you’re at it because would you rather be known as that “rational guy” or someone ahead of the curve?

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Both for P22,900, Sony Stores

STAR WARS Death Star™

One look at a LEGO model as majestic as the STAR WARS Death Star™ drives the point even further that toys aren’t being produced for kids anymore. We mean, what kind of child has the moolah and patience to assemble this 3000-piece master craft? According to Atty. TL Guanzon of PinoyLUG, not only does the set look awesome, the playability of this thing provides hours of entertainment past building it.

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P24,850 + shipping,


Breville Barista Express

Making your morning drink using this semiautomatic espresso machine will definitely label you as a coffee elitist. But who cares? Its built-in grinder has 16-grind settings (from fine to coarse); its milkfrothing apparatus takes just 30 seconds to come up to steam for your cup of cappuccino; it’s
easy to use and clean because its manual is not in Russian and it comes with its own cleaning tools; and it even has a cup-warming surface that pre-heats your coffee mug. With a machine like
this at home—which isn’t bad on the eyes, either—you’ll never want to get coffee anywhere else.

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P39,990, True Value

Russian Beluga Caviar

Most people don’t realize that if you eat like a slob at the fancy dinner parties you’ll be hosting then it won’t matter how classy you look. Level up your hors d'oeuvres by serving up some stergeon beluga “black gold” caviar and serve it up on some healthy yet flavorful ampalaya chips for that local flavor. They say if you eat the caviar properly, you can taste 15 different flavors from a single egg, ranging from buttery to fruity.

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P32,000 per 50 grams,


Fitbit Blaze and Fitbit Charge 2

If you’re spoiling yourself with smart tech wearables this season, at least be smart about it. After all, these stuff are worth a good bucks. Now Fitbit has been at the market for a while, but what gives these two the extra oomph? On-screen workouts for the Blaze, Guided Breather Seassions
for Charge 2, PurePulse™ Heart Rate and Multi-Sport Tracking for both, among other things.

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Charge 2, P8,490; Blaze, P9,999, Digital Walker

Vans Limited Editions

Getting yourself a pair of shoes is almost a given this Christmas. But going all-in and splurging on a limited edition pair? Not guaranteed. We say just give in to your desires and chase after the one-off’s rather than contenting yourself with the vanilla model.

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Old Skool Pro 50th Anniversary, P3,498; Full Cab Pro 50th Anniversary, P4,498; Old Skool DX Veggie Leather, P4,698, Vans stores


This story originally appeared in the December 2016 issue of FHM Philippines.

Some edits were amde by teh editors.

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