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Check Out These Badass Game Of Thrones World Cup Kits!

Brace yourselves! Awesome <em>Game of Thrones</em>-themed World Cup kit designs are coming!
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 4, 2014
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Have you heard of that Uruguay player who chomped on one of his opponents? How about that 20-year-old referee who was killed and decapitated in a game in Brazil? Yep, football is awesome...and can be really brutal.

Which is why the ongoing 2014 FIFA World Cup can somewhat be likened to that popular show where everybody dies, HBO’s Game of Thrones. Both provide eye-candy in the form of great physical action, drama, and groups outsmarting each other. So, how about it? World Cup kits based on the hit TV series sound just about right, right?

Nerea Palacios is already one step ahead!

The female Spanish designer created World Cup kit designs for the great houses (read: ruling families) in Game of Thrones complete with emblems. We can tell she’s darn talented.

Take a look:

game of thrones world cup
Here’s another one for good measure:

game of thrones world cup
We wouldn’t mind getting our asses handed to us on the field as long as we’re wearing these badass uniforms. But keep your cash in your wallet, bros! No matter how filthy rich you are, you won’t be able to buy one right now since these are just her designs and no physical versions have been made yet. Hey sports gear brands, give the lady a job!

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Click on the gallery below for more of Ms. Palacios' designs!

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