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Hacks To Boost Your Office Productivity, According To JobStreet

Battle the Monday blues with these top tips
by Khatrina Bonagua | May 15, 2017
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Imagine ending the dreaded workday with a satisfied smile, knowing that you accomplished all of your tasks. What a lovely thought, right?

In reality, however, you're probably currently slumped at your desk, browsing this article on your phone. And it’s just half of the day and you're already so tired you can barely type a sentence. Screw Mondays.

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Don't just you wish you could be more productive and start the week right? Believe it or not, that's possible. How? If you aim to be more productive at work, start with changing your current habits. “A few simple tricks and minor tweaks will go a long way in changing the way you do things at work,” says JobStreet Philippines. In fact, with a little effort, many of these changes can also benefit other aspects of your life as well. Here are some hacks to revitalize your workday.

1) Change your monitor’s brightness

Most likely, you spend almost eight hours (or more) of your day in front of the computer. You get tired, straining your eyes in the process.

“Eyestrain is a productivity killer, especially for those who spend the majority of their time working in front of a computer,” says JobStreet. “It is also a common problem among office workers, yet most of us don’t even bother to do anything about it.”

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Too much light, whether it’s natural or artificial, tends to exhaust your eyes. The best way to counter eye strain is to dim the brightness of your computer monitor. “What you don’t realize is it takes a little more than 30 seconds to relieve yourself from eye strain,” JobStreet shares. “Unless you are a graphic artist or a video editor, you don’t need a monitor with all that eye-straining brightness.”

2)  Keep yourself cozy

A study by Cornell University found that employees working in offices with uncomfortably cold temperatures made 44 percent more mistakes, while those in cozy offices with just the right room temperature (about 25 degrees Celcius) made fewer errors.

“Having an extremely cold or extremely warm office temperature impacts your ability to focus on work because you will only end up focusing on your discomfort. If the management can’t or won’t change the temperature of the office, bring your own solution—a cooling fan if it’s too hot and a sweater or blanket when it’s too cold,” JobStreet advices. “Setting the right temperature, or at least doing something to make yourself more comfortable, can help you set the right mood to get your work done on time.”

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3) Avoid wasting time on the internet by using a browser add-on

If you are using Google Chrome as your primary browser, download browser add-on StayFocusd to help you limit the amount of time that you spend on non work-related websites. It monitors and restricts the time you spend on websites, and allows you to block entire sites, specific subdomains, specific paths, specific pages, even specific in-page content (videos, games, images, forms, etc), increasing your productivity as you begin to focus on your must-do tasks. “And no, don’t even bother with all that ‘all you need is self-control’ kind of reasoning because after all this time, you probably know more than anyone that self-regulation never works,” JobStreet says.


4) Disable social media during peak work hours

If you’re not a fan of the idea of having a browser add-on just like the one above, maybe you can just minimize wasted internet time with a more simple solution. "Prior to working on an important task, it would be best to disable all social media sites, "JobStreet advices. "Though it takes a little more than a minute to like or share a status, you don’t want to risk it (especially during peak work hours) because you will probably end up spending more time on social media than you’d like to.”

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5) Power up with a short nap

A perfectly timed nap can relieve you from all the strain (and stress) of a long office day, leaving you revitalized and ready to work on the tasks ahead. “Since your body clock runs differently from others, it is important to determine the best time to snooze. For nine to fivers, the best time to take a nap is at 2 PM, which is just a couple of hours after lunch,” says JobStreet. 

6) Look at cute animal pictures

Watching cute cat videos actually does wonders. In a recent study by Hiroshima University, it was revealed that looking at cute animal pictures may improve your concentration by a whopping 44 percent. “While it may sound more ironic that spending some time doing something other than work can make you more productive, the study highlighted the fact that looking at such pictures brings out positive feelings. These positive feelings reduce stress and improve dexterity which, in some way, helps you accomplish tasks efficiently,” JobStreet adds.

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