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Meet Janine Tugonon's Sultry Squad

12 ladies, 12 sensual photo shoots
by Khatrina Bonagua | Oct 18, 2016
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In case you missed it, the country's very own Janine Tugonon is one of the 12 finalists of the first-ever 2017 NU Muses Calendar Models.

According to NU, the models were selected by a panel of judges and through social voting based on “their inspiring, timeless beauty, both inside and out.”

The models will undergo a nude photoshoot with world-renowned photographer David Bellemere.

Others who made it to the top are Keilani Asmus, Jessica Clements, Ariela Oliviera, Vika Levina, Anna Wolf, Sabina Karlsson, Ebonee Davis, Nidhi Sunil, Alejandra Guilmant, Isabelle Boemeke, and Rachel Cook.

Get to know the 12 beautiful stunners who aren't afraid of eloquently expressing their fondness for nudity—both physically and verbally.

1) Keilani Asmus

“It takes a lot of confidence in yourself to go nude. When you take the clothes from a photo, it automatically becomes more powerful. The girl in the photo looks more confident in herself, for exposing what most people are afraid to show. Nudity is feared because there's nowhere to hide. All of your insecurities, no matter how small, are out in the open. It has been a freeing experience, embracing the flaws, that used to hold me back from loving myself.”

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2) Jessica Clements

“Personally, I believe nudity is the expression of our body in its most natural form.”

3) Ariela Oliviera

“I feel that most women are not comfortable with their bodies shape and size, they are insecure with the way they look and this impacts the way they feel and their confidence. When you are fully nude there is no hiding your imperfections, you are fully exposed and as natural as you can be. A nude woman that stands tall shows confidence and strength!”

4) Vika Levina

“Nudity is just being me,I feel really comfortable and real naked.”

5) Anna Wolf

“Nudity means that you are confident in your skin. We all look different under our clothes and it takes a lot of courage to show that off. People are so concerned with looking like every other girl. We need to accept that each body is different but that is what makes it so beautiful. Nudity shows that you are proud to be YOU.”

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6) Sabina Karlsson

“Nudity is something intimate, something unique and beautiful. Your body is YOU. The most precious pice that you should carry with pride. Nudity is something that I'm comfortable with, I love the skin I'm in and I think more women should.”


7) Ebonee Davis

“Nudity is FREEDOM.”

8) Nidhi Sunil

“Strength in vulnerability... self-expression as sincerely and truthfully as the human condition will allow without the protection of extraneous frills”

9) Alejandra Guilmant

“Nudity is empowerment.”

10) Isabelle Boemeke

“It means not being able to hide behind your ego, or theatrics. It is you, like you came to the world, pure and natural.”

11) Rachel Cook

“Nudity is one of my favorite forms of art when done properly. Nudity for me is a multitude of things including, vulnerability, and appreciation of the beautiful human body. It can empower you, because it's the most pure expression of yourself physically. It’s something that in a photo, you share so openly, and that can have a lasting impact on the people who see it. Being a model is like being an artist, and the best art leaves an impact on people.”

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12) Janine Tugonon

“Nudity for me is ART at its purest form. It is the bare, the untouched and the raw beauty that a woman can showcase and be proud of.”

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