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Why Kim Domingo Deserves Your Vote In This Year's 100 Sexiest

No need for long debates
by Gelo Gonzales | May 28, 2016
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What do you mean you can't make room for Kim Domingo in your to-vote-for list? Let's not fool ourselves. The December 2015 FHM cover girl is the bonafide FHM cover girl. There are no two ways about it: She's a fantasy goddess made real. If we have to go at length to convince you, we'd have to confiscate your man-card.

Kim made a splash with a Dubsmash video of "Twerk It Like Miley." She was irresistible in that short clip. It went viral not because it was a high-level display of Dubsmash skill, but rather of eye-popping cuteness. That's the power of Kim Domingo. Take a photo of her idly standing on the street or in front of the most generic building you can find, and it'll still go viral. The proof is all over your Facebook feed where she's seen posing alongside cars of all sizes and makes as a car show model.

Today, she conquers a bigger stage, having become a talent for GMA 7, for Bubble Gang most notably. Luckily, the gag show has been completely certain as to how to make use of Kim's talents. Hence, we go to reminder No. 1 as to why Domingo deserves your vote:

1) She's the next great Bubble Gang hottie.

From Maureen Larazzabal to Rufa Mae Quinto, the show has seen its fair share of screen sirens. Kim follows in a long line of these, and fortunately, the show has been able to put her in a position to succeed, putting her in sexy skits such as these:


2) She's probably the sexiest gym-goer you'll ever see.

3) She's the classmate you've always dreamed of sitting next to.


Hi Ne ! Late kana ????????????

A photo posted by Kim Domingo (@therealkimdomingo) on

4) She makes the tsinelas-look sexy.


A photo posted by Kim Domingo (@therealkimdomingo) on

5) She posts the type of images on Instagram that you'll never be able to erase from your memory.


#JuanHappyLoveStory ??????????

A photo posted by Kim Domingo (@therealkimdomingo) on

6) That waistline is killer!


Thank you @beamaz1ng ????????????

A photo posted by Kim Domingo (@therealkimdomingo) on

7) She's not your ordinary mang-tataho.


Taho kayo dyan ????????

A photo posted by Kim Domingo (@therealkimdomingo) on

8) She makes signing documents look good.



A photo posted by Kim Domingo (@therealkimdomingo) on

9) Awwww


Koleen ????????????

A photo posted by Kim Domingo (@therealkimdomingo) on

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10) Double awwwww


" Basta't may sipag at tyaga walang imposible "  Maraming Salamat sa lahat ng nanood ng aking #TunaynaBuhay ????????

A photo posted by Kim Domingo (@therealkimdomingo) on

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