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Jaime Dempsey Of 'Ride N' Seek' Shares Her Top 3 PH Travel Spots

Time to update that bucket list
by Khatrina Bonagua | Aug 31, 2016
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Traveling across the Philippines for History Channel's Ride N' Seek, American biker chick Jaime Dempsey sure knows her way around the country. With three successful seasons under her belt, and the fourth season, to be shown this week, Jaime's adventures are definitely travel #goals. Just check out the latest teaser for the much-anticipated Season 4 here:

Riding from jungles to mountains, all the way to beaches and even active volcanoes, Jaime has probably experienced some of the best that the Philippines has to offer. But before mounting her motorcycle and conquering the road again, she dropped by at the FHM HQ to tell us more about her favorite local spots.

The tattooed wanderer gave us major travel envy that we couldn't wait to pack our bags and leave the office right after the interview. Check out her must-visit places below:

1) Cebu


"The waterfall canyoneering at the Kawasan Falls, Cebu definitely tops the list. It's so pretty and so much fun. It takes about three hours to trek through the canyons to get to your final destination. Along the way, we were jumping off the waterfalls. There is a couple that are scary, but if you're not up for the challenge, there are ways around them that are a little less scary. But it's just beautiful there, so I highly recommend doing the hard ones!"

"We also went to Cebu City Zoo, and I loved it because I'm an advocate of animal rights. Cebu City Zoo is not your ordinary zoo, as most of the animals there are rescued or confiscated from traffickers. There are a lot of exotic animals there, and the idea behind the zoo is to get people to get up close and personally meet them, so that they can overcome their fears. I was so surprised seeing a giant anaconda snake, and have it wrapped all over my body. It's really a crazy, cool experience."

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2) Bohol

"Bohol is a must-visit, too. I love the beach, we went to Boracay, which is great, but the place is definitely more nightlife, kind of party scene. I like Bohol beaches better because they are very peaceful and beautiful; I love that."

"There are other things that you can do while in Bohol. I went to a metal smith and learned how to make a bolo, so that was really fun. Then I took a trek into a community and they taught me their alphabet—all the letters, shapes are like body parts. I learned how to write my name, and then I took a class with the kids and learned all the months of the year, and more. It was fun bonding with them, getting to know their culture, and all."

3) Butuan

"We also went to Butuan, which is not really a popular tourist destination, but believe me, you should go there. We went to Agusan Marsh and hunted for crocodiles and learned a lot on what it's like for the families living in the marsh. Also, there's this floating restaurant, which you must try.”

"I also met up with the Manobo Tribe while in Butuan. They taught me how to use arnis, the Filipino fighting art. I also met this priestesses and talked to them about my life, the life of the tribe, the culture, and even using spirit guides. They also taught me how to weave a cloth where my 'life' story is embedded. It was a fantastic experience."

The new season of
Ride N' Seek premiered on Sunday, August 28, 10 p.m., at History Channel. All pictures are from the Ride N' Seek Philippines with Jaime Dempsey Facebook page.

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