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A Random Girl Will Have Sex With You 1-Out-Of-200 Times (And Other Things We Can Learn From 'Social Experiments')

What you can learn from guys who tried to kiss random girls and call it a "social experiment" (aside from how to creep out people)!
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 13, 2014
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More than just a venue to host the world's premium selection of cat videos, YouTube has become a breeding ground for "social experiments"—videos that document how a person would react to a certain behavior, oftentimes, behavior that's out of the ordinary.

Or sometimes, it could be something as plain as "10 Hours Of Walking As A Woman In NYC," a video showing the catcalling and sexually-tinged advances that an attractive woman might get while walking on the streets of New York. To date, the video has reached over 35 million views.

Though not exactly scientific research, these social experiments give a candid glimpse of how people respond to things like strangers asking for a kiss or a hug, or how guys would try to "help" a drunk girl. Sometimes it's shocking, sometimes it's fun, and sometimes it teaches us a thing or two about people. And below are some of the things that we picked up from these social experiment videos concerning boys and girls and how they relate to each other.

Do your officemates/classmates/neighbors/the people you rub your body to on the MRT think you're creepy? Well, you should probably stop being such a perv. Or just please try to learn from these videos!

1)   Asking 200 Girls For Sex

The gist: A guy goes around asking random women the question we've always wanted to ask random women: "Do you want to have sex?"


The lesson: There's a 1-in-200 chance that a girl just might say yes to a straightforward request for coitus. Just keep asking fellas, and you might just get lucky! (That's a joke, of course. Don't do it—unless you're the creepy type who likes being slapped around.)

The Other Way Around: A girl gets her turn in Asking Guys For Sex

The lesson: Men will hardly say no to an offering of sex.

2)    Drunk Girl In Public

The gist: A girl pretends to be drunk, asks guys for directions to the bus stop but gets picked up instead.

The lesson: Girls, if you're drunk, make sure you have a guy you can trust with you.

3)   "Fat Girl Tinder Date"

The gist: A slim girl gets dates via Tinder, but shows up to the date wearing a fat suit. Many of the guys leave.

The lesson: Be careful out there on Tinder, bro! Sexy girls wearing fatsuits are out there. On a more serious note: Yup, guys skew towards the visual side of things. We're shallow that way.

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