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How To Do The Best Food Trip Weekend Ever

Let's 'Top 10 Everything Food Lists' guide you
by Khatrina Bonagua | May 21, 2016
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So many food choices, so little time (and cash). And everyone—your libre-hungry friends, your hip mom, your foodie girlfriend, the Internet—have an opinion on what you should try first. You've been bombarded with so many recommendations that you now dread being asked "Saan tayo kain?"

Well, saan nga ba? The answers are inside this little book:

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Now on its third edition,'s Top 10 Everything Food Lists is a guide of all the best food joints in Metro Manila. Name a craving, and they probably have eaten at all the restos that serve it—and made a list of the 10 best, just so you won't have to try out everything. 

To give you a little taste of what it offers, below are some of the Top Picks (or the No. 1s) on their lists.

Top Sisig: Manam
(P130, small)

Continue reading below ↓ says: “Literally life-changing. Manam’s Crispy Sisig is habit-forming, dangerous, and heavenly. This sisig is the gateway sisig. The sisig even non-sisig eaters would obsess over. Watch the hot plate sizzle as wonderful chunks of crispy pork and chicharon combine to create the distinct bold and smoky flavors of sisig—all balanced by the richness and spiciness of the sauce. The crispiness is akin to chicharon, which makes it much more enjoyable and ultimately more addictive.”

FHM says: Best paired with a bucket (or two) of beer. And colorful conversation.

Top Cheese Pizza: Four Cheese from Stephen’s Brick-Oven Pizza

Continue reading below ↓ says: “Stephen Chanco’s fragrant, freshly cooked 12-inch pizza is a bubbling and gooey marriage of mozzarella, Fontina, Parmesan, and blue cheese. Each bite is delivers a strong punch of sharp, buttery and nutty flavors. The crust’s texture is soft and chewy—light enough that you want to devour every slice.”

FHM says: Grab a box (or again, two), load the TV show you want to binge-watch, put your feet up that table, savor every bite. Who says staycations have to be boring?

Top Cheeseburger Under P200: Burger and Brewskies’ Neat Burger

Continue reading below ↓ says: “The patty is a third-pound of 100% imported beef cooked to a perfect medium, and the flavor is boosted by the roasted garlic aioli, B&B cheese sauce, and onion confit. The sweet onions brighten the hearty flavors and the double serving of sauce amps up the juiciness of each bite. The bun is toasted to a point where it’s one notch below a pretzel, which makes it firm enough to hold everything in.”

FHM says: Bring your date here. Watch her bite that burger, then wipe the stain on her face. Pogi points from the gesture, more pogi points care of this heavenly creation.


Top Tonkatsu: Yabu’s Kurobuta Pork Set (P535 to P595)

Continue reading below ↓ says: “Standing next to international franchises is no easy feat, but Yabu’s service, customer care, and consistency have allowed it to take the top SPOT. We can remember the first meal we had here simply because the quality of the whole experienced has remained the same. The breading hasn’t lost its crunch, the pork cutlet is just as juicy, the sauces are sweet and tart. Consistency wins it for this gold (pork) standard.”

FHM says: Perfect treat for your loving parents.

Top Spicy Wings: Sunrise Buckets’ Original Wings
(P175, 4-5 pieces)

Continue reading below ↓ says: “We can’t help but wonder if Sunrise Buckets fries their wings in golden butter instead of oil. The decadent flavor seeps well into the meat, and gives off a whisper of heat that builds as you make your way through the basket—or baskets. For its consistency, affordability, and cool use of butter (everyone’s favorite ingredient), Sunrise Buckets is way ahead of the flock.”

FHM says: Spicy wings, your girl, Saturday night.

Top Ramen: Ippudo’s Shiromaru Motoaji

Continue reading below ↓ says: “This Hakata-style ramen uses a broth that’s been simmered for 15 hours. Noodles are made fresh daily, with the charsiu boiled and stewed for over two hours. To fully appreciate this bowl, sip the broth first, take a spoonful of noodles, then go for the bean sprouts, kikurage, and spring onions. The soup is rich and flavorful; the noodles ultra-thin and perfectly firm; the meat and toppings giving you that overall feeling that everything is all right in the world.”

FHM says: Know why foodies are going crazy over ramen with this.

Top Steak Under P500: Open Kitchen’s Seared Rib-eye Starter

Continue reading below ↓  “Served medium rare, the rib eye starter is a generous cut of quality beef seasoned simply with salt and pepper, and seared to an incredible tenderness. This steak is close in quality and taste to the ones you get at more high-end restaurants. It comes with a heap of balsamic-glazed aragula, cherry tomatoes, and a parmesan cheese wedge.”

You can enjoy a yummy steak without breaking the bank.


For the complete list, check out’s third edition of Top 10 Everything Food Lists, already out in bookstores for only P195.

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