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The Lazy Man’s Workout Guide: Tummy-Toning #Deskercises!

These super-fun and easy <em>#Deskercises</em> will turn your <em>bilbil</em> into abs&mdash;even while you're at work!
by Cia Juan | Sep 16, 2014
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Hey there, desk jockeys who are currently sitting on their ass! Have you noticed that you’re slowly getting fat, slouchy, and crackly like an old woman with osteoporosis?

Here’s what you can do: Try these super-easy #Deskercises from our Lazy Man’s Workout Guide!  It'll strengthen your back and core and turn your bilbil into abs—even while you're at work!

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1)    The Job Raise

If a salary raise is nowhere near, at least you can have this leg raise to help trim your thigh cellulites and beer belly

- Sit up straight.
- Straighten both legs. Hold in place for 10 seconds. 
- Lower your legs back to starting position without letting your feet touch the floor
- Raise your legs again. Repeat 15 times.
- For extra challenge, put weights (e.g. books) on your legs. You should feel your lower abs working. 

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2)   The Dragon Ball Challenge

Still don’t like to “move it move it”? Consider trading your office chair for an exercise/stability ball. You won’t feel like doing any work but your core will be engaged the whole time you’re sitting. Mind you, it’s not easy to maintain balance while sitting on the ball. This exercise also takes the stress off your lower back to improve posture and balance. 

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- Sit up straight on the ball and find your balance. 
- Keep your feet hip-width apart.    
- Keep your back straight and maintain your balance for as long as you can.

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