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The Most Attractive Boob Size Has Finally Been Revealed

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by Khatrina Bonagua | Jan 5, 2017
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Thanks to science, we finally have an answer to the age-old, mind-boggling question: Which breasts do men like best?

And surprise, surprise. Researchers found that it's not all about size.

According to recent research published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, men prefer medium-sized perkier boobs than bigger, larger ones.

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In the study, researchers at Charles University in Prague quizzed 267 men from four different countries (Brazil, Cameroon, the Czech Republic, and Namibia) on their breast preferences.

They showed the participants two sets of images of varying breast size (marker of potential fertility) and level of breast firmness (marker of residual fertility).

Researchers then found that there’s an all-round preference for firmness, and medium-sized boobs won out over their bigger competitors.

“Individual preferences for breast size were variable, but the majority of raters preferred medium sized, followed by large sized breasts,” they said.

“In contrast, we found systematic directional preferences for firm breasts across all samples.”


This is a little surprising, as it was previously believed that bigger breasts are more attractive to men.

Researchers believe the unexpected result has something to do with the idea of residual fertility over potential fertility—and bigger boobs tend to lack in firmness and perkiness comparing to smaller ones.

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This means that a woman with large, saggy breasts are perceived by men as old and not fertile, not fresh, which, they find unattractive.

“Breasts become less firm with age and parity, and breast shape could thus also serve as a marker of residual fertility,” researchers said.

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