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These Are The New Rules Of Career Advancement

Get ahead in the workplace by updating your strategy
by Jason Tulio | May 14, 2017
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Filipinos have a tendency to follow outlandish or outdated practices as if they’re Gospel law. Like how we insist on letting food cool down first before putting it in the refrigerator. Or how sleeping with wet hair is tantamount to asking the gods of eyesight to smite you with permanent blindness. We’ve all probably experienced times when our mom or tita would tell us off for daring to break either of those cardinal household rules.

This same affinity for the old-school applies to how we handle our careers. We have a knack for getting by on the career advice that our parents or college professors passed on to us. While their sage wisdom will always have its merit, today’s employees navigate a very different environment compared to the one from yesteryear.

To get a better understanding on the current workplace, we asked HR Director and Strategic Human Resources and Talent Acquisition Management expert Mariecon Bautista to explain to us how career advancement works in the 21st century.

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Here are the new career rules you should be following today:

Have a ‘never stop learning’ attitude towards your career

Decades ago, you could’ve built a whole career on being very good at a particular job or skill. With the rapid pace of technology and industries nowadays, however, being stagnant can turn you into an irrelevant dinosaur. Your job function could be eliminated tomorrow with a simple mouse click. Retrenchment is a very real and scary possibility in today’s workplace. Bautista says that you should constantly be on the cutting edge of your industry’s skills and knowledge to stay relevant.

“[This attitude] applies to all chosen careers you want to pursue. Read and join forums, research the best practices, new trends, and technology,” Bautista advises.

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Your career goes beyond your work

It goes without saying that you should work hard, do your job well, and let your achievements speak proudly for you. But simply being good at your job isn’t always enough to get you ahead. Who you know can be just as important as what you know and how well you can do it.

“Research more about your current career and technology, attend meet-ups and build a network with the people with a common career. Create and think out of the box with regards to what you can contribute to your value in the industry,” Bautista says.


EQ is better than IQ

You can be great at your job, but it could all amount to naught if no one wants to work with you. Your ability to connect with people can be just as crucial to your career’s progress. Build and nurture your networks, and don’t burn any bridges as you never know when you will need those connections again. As Bautista puts it, “At the end of each day, it’s a blessing to work with someone who knows how to treat a person.”

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Achieve a work-life balance

When it comes down to it, what do you work for? Yes, your career is important, but so too is the life that you’re working towards. Achieving a healthy balance between home and the office is not only good for your well-being, but it also allows you to rest and recharge to better tackle your job’s challenges. 

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“We work because we are making a life. Make sure you leave work in the office and live a life outside,” Bautista advises. Remember: Work to live, don’t live to work.


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