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10 Questions You Need To Answer Before Accepting A Work-From-Home Job

Earning a paycheck in your boxers has its pros and cons
by Tanya Umali | Nov 22, 2016
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You might be one of those people who has attempted to apply for a work-from-home job. The idea of staying in your room and doing your job while not having to leave the comfort of your bed seems like an employee's dream come true. Apart from that, you can avoid the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila's traffic. You just wake up, do the task you're assigned to do, and submit it on time to your superior. But just like an office-based job, you need to know the drawbacks of this kind of employment.

After all, just because the setting is different doesn't necessarily mean it's instantly a better setup.

Before considering working remotely, ask yourself some of these questions to know whether it's worth pursuing:

1) What time do I need to work?

Some work-from-home jobs usually have international offices so you might have to work at night. "Clarify with the hiring manager whether you'd have a straight eight-hour job or a few short shifts throughout the day," says HR manager Rina Concepcion.

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2) Do I feel comfortable working on my own?

If you're more of an extrovert, then you might not have fun working without having anyone to talk to. "If you're not having fun with your job, then you won't be able to perform well," suggests Concepcion. However, working on your own means you'd be able to concentrate more. It's just a matter of perspective.

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3) Can I accomplish tasks without supervision?

Try to think back if you've ever done something without anyone having to guide you. Concepcion explains that if you're confident that you're disciplined enough to work on a project by yourself without your boss hounding you to finish it on time, then you can consider working from home.

4) Is my home a suitable place for working?

"Of course you'd need some peace and quiet in order for you to finish your tasks on time," Concepcion says. If your home is a chaotic place, you really won't be able to concentrate well. Instead, opt for a quiet environment. If you have your own room, then put a note on the door asking whoever you live with not to disturb you.

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5) Is my internet connection fast enough?

One problem that the Philippines faces is the slow Internet connection. "Though the internet in our country is not that fast, it still depends on your location," Concepcion suggests. There are certain areas where one network provider is stronger than the other.

6) Would there be benefits?

This is the age old question of work at home employees. Since you're not working in an office and your time might be flexible, you won't be able to get the same benefits as employees working in an office setting. "Also, if your employer is from a different country, you probably won't receive the same benefits that local companies offer."

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7) Does the notion of communicating with my boss via email bother me?

"Communication is a key part of working," Concepcion says. "If you hate being bothered via chat or email or are having a difficult time understanding the instructions if it's not explained to you physically, then that could be a problem that could affect your work performance."

8) How much would the salary be?

"Don't ask it at first because you might not land the job. Should you get a job offer, that's the time you can ask for the salary." Would you get the same amount of money as a person working in an office? How much will you be able to save due to the fact that you won't be spending on transportation and food? If the answer is you'll be able to save and earn even just a bit more, then go ahead and accept the company's offer. It's a win-win situation for you.

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9) How will I get paid?

Clarify if you'll receive the payment through the bank or other modes of payment. Concepcion adds that normally, employees who work from home are paid via PayPal, but there are some companies who are willing to deposit the salary to your bank account. Also makes sure to ask if international taxes apply.

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10) Who will handle my taxes?

Speaking of taxes, remember that a work-from-home job entails that you have to file your taxes on your own. "You'll have to file a lot of paperwork, but if you want to contribute to the society and abide by the law, then you must file your taxes accordingly," Concepcion notes.


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