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6 Weird Habits Of Highly Successful People

One of these might lead you to success
by Tanya Umali | Aug 22, 2016
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What does it really take to be successful? Is it your wits? Your charm?

Whatever it is, there must be some kind of logic as to why successful people are successful. 

Here are a few things that achievers do.

1) Starts at the finish

Successful people tend to think backwards. We were taught to always go forward, taking the next step on the staircase. However, successful people envision the prize first before taking the necessary steps to get there. Steve Jobs was known to conceptualize first on the design of Apple products before thinking of how to make it work.

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2) Repetitive

Successful people are like songs on constant loop. Once they experience success, they just keep on looking for more. For them, success is something which can be repeated over and over again. Have you seen 2011 Oscar Best Picture The Social Network? From Facemash (which was clearly a huge hit) up to the Facebook that we have, Mark Zuckerberg didn’t stop updating his website. Actually, he's still at it.

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3) Seeks rejection

Successful people admit to their mistakes. Sometimes, they even look for it themselves. They are not known to always claim that they are doing the right thing. The more you know something, the more you are aware that there might be something wrong. Dr. Stephen Hawking created an antithesis for his groundbreaking theory in his book A Brief History of Time. His antithesis eventually disproved his theory that a single Black Hole was responsible for the creation of the universe—and fueled him to come up with a better, more mindfuck-ing one.

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4) Says no

Successful people say no way more than they say yes. They constantly say “no” to anything and everything that is not the opportunity they’re focused on. If you want to be the next President, then don’t settle to become just the Vice President. Chris Gardner, whose life inspired the movie The Pursuit of Happyness, refused to just settle with being a salesman. He aimed to be a successful stock broker and strived to be the person he is now.

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5) Speak their minds

People who are world-renowned are very outspoken, especially if they have an idea or an opinion. Being timid and shy will lead you nowhere. Someone might voice out your own ideas before you do. Better speak up and be heard or forever be silent.

6) Rarely concerned with their appearance

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Albert Einstein wore the same clothes, almost like a uniform. Successful people are not concerned with buying the most expensive suit or the most glamorous jewelry. What matters for them are their ideas and the knowledge they can share with other people.


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