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These Were The Country's Highest Paying Jobs In 2016

The top 50 out of over 400 jobs across 51 industries, according to the PSA
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Every other year, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) releases the Occupational Wages Survey (OWS), which lists the average monthly pay of different jobs across several industries. Targeting establishments that have at least 20 employees, the data generated by the OWS serves as a basis for wage policies nationwide.

“Statistics on wage rates are useful economic indicators,” the PSA said in a statement. “In particular, occupational wage rates can be used to measure wage differentials, wage inequality in typical low wage and high wage occupations and for international comparability.”

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The latest OWS, which covers wage rates in July 2016, reveals that aircraft pilots, navigators and flight engineers are the highest paid employees in the country with an average monthly pay of Php116,714. While they retain their top spot from the previous survey in 2014, their average pay declined from Php156,823 that year.

Four of the top 10 spots were taken by jobs from the financial sector. These include securities and finance dealers and brokers, which collectively took the second spot with an average monthly pay of Php89,831. Coming in third were civil engineers in the water collection sector, who receive an average of Php68,957 monthly.

The average monthly wage rate across the over 400 occupations covered by the 2016 OWS is Php15,375, slightly higher than the Php14,116 figure in the previous OWS. The survey covered 51 industries and tallied data from at most 11 occupations for each industry.  


Check out the infographic above to see the rest of the 10 highest-paying jobs. As well, here are the 40 other occupations that made the top 50.

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The results of the official survey are markedly different from lists of top-paying jobs released by private or non-government sources such as, which based their rankings on self-reported salaries provided by users of the online job searching site.

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