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Where To Get The Best Jobs Outside Of Metro Manila

Just in case you're planning to find work elsewhere
by Daniel Ruperto M. Gaerlan | May 1, 2017
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It's undeniable that Metro Manila has been a focal point of economic growth and infrastructural development in the Philippines. The National Capital Region outdoes almost all other locations in the country in terms of job availability and demand, but these last few years have seen a significant change in that regard.

According to, Metro Manila accounted for a whopping 72 percent of all jobs on the website in 2014. Since then, however, that number has been changing. In 2015, Metro Manila boasted only 59 percent of jobs on the website; still a majority, yes, but the 13 percent drop from the year before showed an emerging trend.

In 2016, this number further dropped to 56 percent. The rest of the Philippines has slowly been catching up with Manila in terms of bankability and employment. In a few short years, Metro Manila is expected to lose this majority.

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Many other areas in the Philippines have been experiencing expansion in almost all industries. Which means there's a lucrative career option to worth exploring outside busy, frenetic, polluted Manila. For those interested, FHM and JobStreet have broken down the stats and current trends related to this development.

Central Visayas (Cebu City, Cebu Province, and Dumaguete in particular) claims over 29 percent of job demand outside NCR. CALABARZON and MIMAROPA—Cavite, Laguna, and Batangas in particular—are a close second, accounting for over 24 percent. Davao is up next, which claims 15 percent of the jobs outside Metro Manila. Central Luzon's job demand, meanwhile, is at 12 percent, with Bulacan and Pampanga showing signs of steady growth. Western Visayas, which includes the highly-urbanized Bacolod and Iloilo, claims eight percent.


The demand for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise jobs (SMEs) in relation to corporate has also been increasing: 28 percent against 72 percent in 2014; 40 percent versus 59 percent in 2015; and 44 percent versus to 56 percent in 2016.

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The five most in-demand jobs outside Metro Manila fall under these industries: Call Centers, IT-Enabled Services, and BPO jobs at 34 percent; Manufacturing and Production at 14 percent; Retail and Merchandise at eight percent; Property and Real Estate at eight percent; and, finally, Construction, Building, and Engineering at three percent.

The top three industries in Central Visayas and Davao with the most jobs are as follows: Call Centers, IT-Enabled Services, BPOs; Retail and Merchandise; and Manufacturing and Production.

In Western Visayas (Iloilo and Bacolod in particular), the top three industries are Call Centers, IT-Enabled Services, and BPOs; Retail and Merchandise; and Property and Real Estate.

In Northern Mindanao (Cagayan de Oro in particular), the three industries with the highest job demand are Accounting, Auditing, and Tax Services; Retail and Merchandise; and Agricultural, Plantation, Poultry, and Fisheries.

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