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Score That Dream Job By Adding These Words To Your Resume

Hurry up and edit your CV!
by Khatrina Bonagua | May 3, 2017
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When an HR specialist sees the same old resume filled with cliché phrases such as "thinks outside the box" or "great team player," you are most likely giving them the go-signal to throw your CV in the trash. Poorly chosen words and passé descriptions can destroy the interest of any hiring manager.

"If your profile falls flat and lacks some choice keywords that make it stand out from the pack, most likely you will just be ignored," says JobStreet Philippines, one of the leading internet recruitment websites in the Asia-Pacific. "Thankfully, a few tweaks on your resume or online profile can amp it up and bring it to the forefront."

And what are those tweaks? Take note of these 3 tips as you craft your resume or JobStreet profile.

1) Don’t forget to use these words

It is important to choose words that sell your personality, highlight your skills, and put an emphasis on your accomplishments. As much as possible, use action words that are are able to illustrate and convey an idea much better than boring adjectives can. "Show, don’t tell," JobStreet Philippines explains. "You have to be able to demonstrate what you are capable of doing and what you can bring to the table. Since you can’t do that just yet when you’re in the first phase of job hunting, let your profile speak for you and your abilities."

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The magic words are the following:

1) Developed
2) Increased
3) Improved
4) Reduced
5) Accomplished
6) Instrumental in…
7) Demonstrated skills in…
8) Proven track record in…
9) In charge of…
10) Succeeded in… 


2) Use the job ad as a guide and study the words used on the post

For one, if you come across an ad that needs applicants who are "capable of managing events and trade marketing initiatives," you may choose to say that you were able to "Manage corporate and branding events that brought in a 35 percent increase to the company’s revenue." This is effective since it directly answers the job ad’s needs. Don’t just copy and paste the words used on the job posting though, as it's best if you include specific facts and figures to back it up. This will draw in the attention of hirers and it adds credibility to your profile.

3) Avoid these words

On the other hand, there are words that are considered weak in the eyes of hiring managers. These are:

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1) Exceptional
2) Outstanding
3) Excellent
4) Strong
5) Seasoned
6) Strong work ethic
7) Out-of-the-box thinker
8) Quick learner
9) Contributed
10) Supported

“Candidates often use these words on their resumes hoping it will make them stand out amongst the thousands of others applying for work, however these words don’t tell a lot about the applicant,” JobStreet Philippines shares. “In fact, they just come off as self-praise and lacking objectivity.”

The takeaway from this is to look at job ads as puzzles that only you can solve. "Present yourself as the solution or the missing piece that recruiters are looking for. Your goal then is to come up with a strong resume filled with powerful words that sell you and your skills in the best way possible.” 

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