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11 People Share Their Most Pathetic Broke AF Stories

Petsa de peligro desperation is real
by Chandra Pepino | Feb 10, 2018
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Ah, the perils of living in an ultra-capitalist society—the working middle class often find themselves in either one of two extremes: living like hedonists or living like paupers. There is no in-between. The torturous cycle of waiting for your sweldo to come repeats itself every two weeks, and in the interim, hunger and desperation set in...leading to some extremely questionable decisions. While we could all use a lesson or two in being more responsible with our moolah, these 11 relatable tales will make you think we’re all the same person.

The one with the saddest withdrawal
“I went to BPI and withdrew my last 80 pesos. It was the 15th on that day, but our salary usually came in at night, so I needed some money to get by until then. The bank teller gave me a look and asked, ‘Ma’am, are you closing this account po ba?’ I wanted to say, ‘No, I’m just really fucking hungry.’ After that sad withdrawal, I had 0.68 centavos to my name.” — Mari, 22

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Wrong move, bro
“When I quit my job, it didn’t occur to me that I wouldn’t receive my final salary until much later. My new job, on the other hand, was still processing my cash card, so my first salary would be put on hold. That meant I would not have any money on-hand. I had no emergency funds, so I was screwed. I bought an entire bucket of KFC chicken with my last P500, deboned them, cut them up into pieces, put them in the freezer, and ate only that for two entire weeks. My ‘rations from Colonel Sanders’ didn’t even last two weeks, so I did a water fast for three days until my cash card finally arrived.” — Paolo, 23

This is real life...
“I lived on rice and soy sauce meals for three weeks. I had just moved out on my own, and after paying my initial expenses (getting a broadband connection, making my rent deposits, buying cleaning supplies, you know the drill), I was completely broke. After that time, I swore off Maggi Savor forever.” — Alissa, 21

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Commuter woes
“I had 2,000 pesos in my wallet, and I made the mistake of opening it while inside a moving tricycle. One of the 1,000 peso bills flew out into the road, and I couldn’t ask the tricycle driver to stop because it was 5 a.m. and we were illegally traveling along EDSA. Thankfully, one 1,000-peso bill miraculously landed by my feet. I had to make do with that 1,000 for two weeks, which isn’t nearly enough when your commuting expenses for two weeks amounts to P500.” — Adriel, 24

Starbucks will not be happy about this
“I went to Starbucks with a sachet of 3-in-1 coffee and my ceramic Starbucks cup just so I could leech off their Wi-Fi to edit my thesis. When my coffee ran out, I subsisted on their free half-and-half milk.” — Brian, 23

We smell a leech
“My best friend is a neat freak, and I’m a bit of a slob, so she doesn’t like it when I come over too often. One day, I asked if I could stay for a week. She was not in love with the idea at all, but she let me stay anyway. Little did she know that my electricity had been cut because I didn’t have any money to pay it until sweldo arrived. My family isn’t in Manila, so she really saved my ass back then.” — RJ, 24

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Miss Independent
“After making a scene to my parents about my desire to be financially independent and ‘free from them,’ I had to come crawling back to my dad to ask for money to get my wisdom teeth removed. The pain was killing me, and I didn’t have enough to pay for the surgery without compromising my ‘need’ expenses. Oh, well. My dad laughed at me over the phone and wired the money the next day.” — Chin, 22


Not cool, friend
“I’m the gastador of my friend group, and they tease me about my terrible spending habits all the time. One time, after a regretful shopping spree, I realized I would only have P100 for the entire weekend. So I asked each of my friends separately if I could borrow P20 pesos: ‘I just need some barya. I only have P1000 eh.’ After asking five friends, I ended up with an extra P100. They eventually found out my strategy, and I was promptly roasted. I was so ashamed of myself!” — Matmat, 24

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Date desperation
“I used to schedule my Tinder dates with guys to coincide with petsa de peligro. That way, I could still eat at a good restaurant even when I was broke. The problem was that on one date, the guy asked to split the bill. I only had P50 in my wallet, and my share should have been P450. I shamefully explained my situation; good thing he kindly paid the bill. Learned my lesson and paid him back eventually. I’m a bad person. Never again!” — Trish, 22

Sample whore
“My lowest point was going to the SM supermarket to try and get full from their free samples. All they had were cubes of luncheon meat, cups of milk for pregnant moms, and turmeric tea. I made the most of it.” — Adi, 24

Pawn star
“My company’s accounting department made an erroneous (and huge) salary deduction on my payslip, and they couldn’t correct it until the next pay period. I pawned my phone so I could have money to do some groceries. I had to choose between having a phone and not dying of starvation, so the choice was simple.” — Francis, 26

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