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15 Things A Man Must Know: The FHM Bionic Edition

Read on for fitness' sake!
by Mars Salazar | Apr 10, 2015
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bionic 15 things

An awesome new way to cook rice, a reason to wash your fruits and vegetables extra thoroughly, and a hula-hooping goddess: all that and so much more in this week's FHM Bionic edition of the 15 Things A Man Must Know!

Read on for all the fitspo you’ll need this weekend!

new commercial with Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods is the most inspirational thing you’ll see today.

Video via Nike Golf

Speaking of Rory Mcilroy, here’s a glimpse of his workout routine. It’s a lot busier than what we thought!

Video via Nike Training

Heads up, meat lovers: A well-done hunk of meat has more glycotoxins, which are formed when we blacken certain foods and can up your risk of having Alzheimer’s. Order your steaks rare, or at least not looking like it was cooked on the sun's surface, friends.

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Good news for all ye double chin sufferers: The FDA is planning to approve an injectable drug that can melt your extra chin away in just FIVE MINUTES. Can you say "picture-perfect selfies from every angle"?

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There’s actually a health benefit to eating bacon: It’s full of Vitamin B3, or niacin, which has been proven to extend the life span of roundworms. So…eat bacon if you’re a roundworm?

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This girl’s name is Rachel Lust, and she can work a hula hoop unlike anyone else. Rachel Lust, indeed.

Video via Rachaellust

Romanian tennis star Simona Halep just won a major tennis tournament, but the poor girl can’t even lift her trophy. How much does that darn thing weigh?!

Video via BNP Paribas Open

Minnesota Viking Brian Robison’s workout prep for the next NFL season includes 42-inch box jumps on one leg, which is seriously hardcore stuff. How’s your leg day workout coming along, hmm?

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Fifteen-year-old "Rubber Boy," Jaspreet Singh Kalra, can twist into positions your favorite porn star can’t even dream of doing. Meanwhile, here we are, struggling to reach our toes…

Video via Jaspreet Singh Kalra

Studies have proven that a 45-minute nap can improve your recall by up to five times. So the next time your boss catches you sleeping at work, just tell him you’re just boosting your memory!

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You might want to end your jog this weekend at McDonald's: studies have shown that small doses of fast food "can be just as effective as sports supplements when it comes to encouraging muscle recovery and restoring depleted nutrients after intense cardio sessions." The key term is "small doses," okay?

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There’s actually a way to cut calories without giving up rice! All you need to do is to add coconut oil to boiling water before putting in the rice, and cooling the rice for 12 hours before eating it. Wouldn’t hurt to try it out, right?

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A 66-year-old lolo was actually instructed by his doctors to play Dota 2 "as a form of stress relief and mental exercise." Now we’re curious: Ano kayang health benefits ng Clash of Clans?

bionic 15 thingsImage by  Justine Win Cañete via

Make sure to wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly especially before eating them raw: A study conducted by Harvard University researchers found that pesticide residue in produce can result in lower sperm counts and less healthy sperm. Yikes!

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And finally, in news that had us questioning our diet, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson revealed what he eats each day to achieve and maintain his legendary bod. So, what is it and how much? Let's just say he eats a mini grocery's worth of grub daily. Whoa!

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