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5 Comic Books To Rejuvenate Your Spirit This Holy Week

From Batman to Daredevil
by Jason Tulio | Apr 9, 2017
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Holy Week means it’s time for you to quietly pray and reflect on your life, faith, and the things that matter most to you. More tangibly, it also means you’ll get a few days of free time on your hands. What better way to spend the quiet time than by reading?

The following is a list of comic book stories you can read over the break. These aren’t just graphic novels for entertainment’s sake. Rather, they offer valuable insights that are relevant during this holy period. They teach us important lessons on forgiveness, finding redemption, examining our faith, and so on. So sit back, enjoy, read, and reflect.

Faith – American Jesus

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Jodie Christianson is a 12-year-old boy living in small town America. He’s hit by a truck but miraculously survives without a scratch. Soon he discovers that the accident left him with Christ-like powers; he can heal the sick, turn water into wine, and perhaps even bring people back to life. If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if a modern-day Christ suddenly appeared, this story sheds some light on its possible implications.  

Forgiveness – Old Man Logan

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This gritty and violent story gives readers an unfamiliar Wolverine; a non-violent family man who quietly tends to his farm. The villains have taken over and turned the country into an evil wasteland, and the events of said takeover led Wolverine to vow never to brandish his adamantium claws again. After a cross-country road trip with Hawkeye, he eventually learns to forgive himself for his past sins. It’s a great story with lots of Marvel cameos, but definitely not for those with a weak stomach.


Redemption – Daredevil: Born Again

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Where do you go when you lose everything? This is the question posed to the blind superhero Daredevil in this classic Frank Miller-written tale. Thanks to the machinations of The Kingpin, Matt Murdock loses it all—his job, money, apartment, and even his closest friends. Though it was penned in the ‘80s, the story is very much contemporary and contains some social commentary on themes like fame, drugs, and nationalism.

The power of good – Batman: The Killing Joke

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They don’t come much more evil than the Joker, and he’s out to prove that anyone can go mad after one bad day. He kidnaps police commissioner Jim Gordon and puts him through an experience that would render most people maniacally insane. This story is a testament to the power of good to rise above even the most heinous of evil.  

Resurrection – All-Star Superman

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No one in comics stays dead except for Uncle Ben, so the saying goes. As you can imagine, dying and coming back to life is pretty common in comic books. This Superman series does it tastefully without overdramatizing it or using some flawed comic book science. The story sees the Man of Steel dying slowly from yellow sun radiation. He attempts to finish a series of good deeds before he succumbs to his illness. As Clark Kent, he collapses and takes a quick jaunt into the afterlife to hear some wise words from his father, before returning to save the world. Sounds like a Kryptonian Easter.


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