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5 Ways to a Better Lovin’!

<p>And we mean better lovin&rsquo;</p>
by Lou E. Albano | Jan 4, 2011
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Assuming you already have a girlfriend, how about you include in your 2011 Get Better Plan, improving your relationship with her?

[firstpara]We don’t mean getting serious and making concrete 5-year plans, okay?

And neither do we mean concentrating all your efforts in sex.

Remember, mind-blowing sex is just another expression of your love for your girl, albeit it is the best, and most satisfying way there is.

If you feel that your relationship is becoming a little tired, your habits are fast becoming dreary routine, and the sex is nearing lackluster doom, how about you put a little spark into the whole thing?

For those without significant others, consider this 5-point list an advanced in-case-of map for better days ahead.

1. Communicate. You’ve heard it before, you’ll hear it again, it won’t go away, people: Girls like to talk. They want to talk to you and worse, they want you to talk to them. Unconvinced? See for yourselves: our sisters over at even have an article about how to get you to talk to them.

Don’t question it; this is just a fact of life. Girls are wired to talk. For them, perhaps, saying it is the best way to put it, whatever ‘it’ is. So do yourselves a favor: Talk. It can be about the horrible line at the MRT, your boss, or Kanye’s new video. You’ll make her happy and when she’s happy, you’ll soon see happiness.

2. Date her. Veer away from the usual movie/DVD marathon—this is the kind of rut you’re trying to get away from. But remember, you don’t have to dig your own grave and go for hoity-toity fine-dining fare.  

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