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6 "True" Beers That You Have to Try

<p>Made out of the purest hops and barley</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Oct 19, 2010
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Ah, beer. Dare we call it the truest of man’s true, few friends. It's there for us every time we need it. Got promoted? You deserve a Super Dry. Stressed with work? San Mig Light should ease all of that away.

Girlfriend might be pregnant? Well, a couple cans of Red Horse always help you to forget, at least until you sober up.

Girlfriend is actually pregnant? Sonny, here’s some good ol’ Pale Pilsen, you’re going to be a dad.

The point is beer is something that’s omnipresent in the lives of modern men, and that’s because it’s just so easy to fall in love with. We’re guessing you could say the same thing about pretty girls, but hey at least this wine don’t whine.

Beer does have another thing in common with pretty girls: it comes in many different varieties. Just refer to the first paragraph, and you’ll notice we’ve already mentioned a couple of them. Those however are the more common ones.

In the gallery below, you’ll see six specialty premium beers that offer a beer-drinking experience that’s distinct from the usual local beers. Brought to local shores by Global Beer Exchange (GBeX), an importer of specialty beers worldwide, these beers are said to carry the flavor of real beer. Each of their beers has its own unique personality as well, as a result of the native differences of the barley and hops used in each area—kind of like how wine differs in taste by the very same virtue.

What is a real beer exactly? Jim Araneta, the owner of GBeX, says that the beers they carry are made “using only natural ingredients and following the Purity Law (a law originating from Bavaria that says that only water, barley and hops could be used to make beer) of traditional beer brewing.”

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A devoted beer connoisseur himself, Araneta adds that their beers contain “no cost-saving adjuncts and preservatives that give you that pounding hangover the next day.”   

And on that basis alone, we’d recommend you to try out these beers, but we’re pretty sure that it’s the unique flavors that are going to keep you hooked.

Check out their website for information on all their products and the places which offer them.


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