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7 Reasons Why Dudes Shouldn't Take #Selfies

Don't... Just don't!
by Neps Firmalan | Jun 20, 2013
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Selfies: the current online trend in vanity-fueled photography, as ubiquitous now as scurrying commuters in the rainy season.

But listen to this, FHM Nation: If you ask us, ang tunay na lalaki hindi nagse-selfie!

You read that right. And to further convince you of this, below are seven reasons why dudes shouldn't take selfies. Read them and obey. (Unless, of course, you really need to snap one selfie away because [1] you want to add your social media-savvy, hot officemate/classmate and you don't want her to see your lame-ass profile picture and think you're an Internet noob/no fun at all; [2] you're with that hot chick and you want something to remember this day by.)


1) Because duck faces are for ducks...

dudes shouldnt do selfies
Daffy and Donald would hate you for it. Come on, son, lips are for smoochin' babes, not for making panakot-sa-daga pics.

2) Because abs won't grow, no matter how many selfies you take

dudes shouldnt do selfies
Well, at least you can take solace in the fact that the TNL manifesto states that real men have no abs. In this case, you're only half a man. Seriously though, we'd be more understanding if you showed us your beer belly (but please don't).


3) Because, dude, you're Photoshoppin' it wrong

dudes shouldnt do selfies
You take a selfie to try to show the "true" you, with emotions. But then you Photoshop it? That's the kind of fake no one would like. (The kind of fake everyone likes? Boobies, of course.) What's worse is if your PS skills suck so ready to get troll-ed!

NEXT: Candid shots, your emo face, and restroom selfies!

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