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NEW KICKS: adidas Releases A Sock-Shoe Hybrid, The Ultra-Stylish ZX 850, And Lionel Messi's New Spikes!

Yep, you read that right: a sock-shoe hybrid! And that's just one of their three new handsome shoes!
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 10, 2014
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Because we're suckers for pogi kicks, we're pleased to show you awesome new footwear from adidas! Aside from hugging your feet in gorgeousness, these new shoes have the three things every man desires from his gear: comfort, looks, and functionality.

And oh, also multitasks as a sock (sort of)!

Check out 'em new kicks below!

adidas ZX 850

adidas zx 850 philippines
The latest addition to adidas' ZX Series, the ZX 850 is made for casual street wear. Taking its cue from its lolo, the ZX 800 (which first made waves in 1986), the ZX 850 sports a classic facade centered on the 3-Stripe look.

So yeah, it looks retrobut it also has a couple of new design elements. Subtle accents were added to its sides while an extended heel counter (the back part of the shoe that cradles your heel) gives it a more curvy appearance.

adidas zx 850 philippines

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Aside from having a facade that both fans and ZX Series noobs will like, the ZX 850 also has a synthetic mesh construction. This makes the shoe more lightweight and breathable. Good news for joggers and runners who don't want to stink up the place everytime they go barefoot. Best of all, whether you're wearing sweat pants or your pang-araw-araw shorts, the ZX 850 won't ruin your look.

SRP: P4,895

Get it: Now available at all adidas stores, including the newly-opened adidas Concept Store at Fairview Terraces Mall!

adidas adizero f50 Messi

adidas adizero f50 messi philippines

Fans of Argentinian football superstar Lionel Messi, 'etong sa inyo! What you see below is the adizero f50 Messi signature football boot. We'd like to call it the Rainbow Boot.

Just take a look at the darn thing, makulay!

adidas adizero f50 messi philippines

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The adizero f50 Messi looks as lively as the player it representswith a color scheme we honestly never thought would complement each other until now: green, blue, pink, orange, and white. And look how they incorporated their trademark 3-Stripe look! Forgive us if we sound too giddy, we just really like it!

You footie addicts should know that this shoe just weights 165 grams. Less weight means less stress on your legs. The adizero f50 Messi also offers a snug fit, which can help you change directions faster. See, it's not all about the colors!

SRP: P11,595

Get it: adidas retail outlets and Boot Camp football stores around the metro

adidas Primeknit FS

Here's something we bet you've never seen before: a football shoe and sock hybrid!

adidas primeknit fs

That, fellas, is the Primeknit FS. According to adidas, it's the world's first all-in-one knitted football boot and sock hybrid. Ulitin natin: It's a football shoe with built-in socks!

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adidas primeknit fs

We know what you're thinking, "Why did adidas do this? Do they abhor wearing socks with their soccer shoes?" adidas tells us this new football boot will provide even more comfort and flexibility. It's also expected to be more durable and stable than your run-of-the-mill spikes. And yeah, you won't have to wear Samboy Lim-like socks anymore.

The bad news: the Primeknit FS isn't available yet, It's still in the design stages. The good news: adidas is really working on it and tells us it could be available later this year. We sure hope so for the sake of our labada.

For more details on these new adidas kicks, visit adidas PH on Facebook

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