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10 Nasty Time Management Habits You Should Quit Right Now

When it comes to the daily grind, time is gold
by Tanya Umali | Oct 15, 2016
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Surely there are days when you are not able to finish your tasks. It seems as if eight hours is just not enough to accomplish everything you need to do at work. 

But is it really the time that you should be adjusting or your habits? If you feel as though your lack of skills in bothering your schedule and hindering your performance at work, then maybe you should reassess how you prioritize your duties.

Time to identify which of these time-wasting habits are ruining your daily schedule:

1) Multitasking
If you think that multitasking is getting you somewhere with your tasks, you're probably wrong. Contrary to popular belief, multitasking will just slow you down instead of speed you up. The reason is you'll just get confused with what you're doing. Instead of finishing just one task at a time, you're trying to finish a handful all at once and that's not efficient.

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2) Procrastination
Obviously, if doing too much simultaneously is getting you nowhere, doing nothing will reap the same results. Quit killing time and get things done!

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3) Neglecting deadlines
Deadlines are there for a reason. Cramming your work when the deadline is fast approaching affects the quality of your work. Remember, the only way to beat the deadline is to meet the deadline.

4) Never saying no
There's a saying that goes "don't bite off more than you can chew". Avoid saying yes to everything given to you. If you think you can't handle a number of tasks, try to agree on a compromise with your boss. Ask for help. You're not Superman. You can't doeverything on your own.

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5) Not setting goals
Make sure you do everything with a motivation in mind. Without a specific target or end goal, your tasks will end up nowhere.

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6) Accomplish the difficult tasks first
This is a trick that you miiht end up ignoring. After all, who wants to do the hard tasks before the easy ones? Ticking off the hard tasks gives you room to accomplish the easier ones right after.

7) Failing to prioritize
Similar to the previous tip, you need to identify which jobs you should cross off your list first. If you have pending projects which you think are urgent, then those need your attention.

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8) Don't be a prefectionist
Find the perfect balance between being effective and churning out quality work. Although striving for the best can be rewarding, unnecessarily stressing yourself out over the details will only harm your output.

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9) Learn to rest
You'll go nowhere if you burn out quickly. There's no point in going home late everyday. Know when enough is enough. If you don't take time for some R&R, the quality of your performance at work will suffer.

10) Take down notes
No, your mind can't remember everything. When you hear something important or when you come up with an idea, always write it down. This way, you'll help your brain relax by unloading all your ideas on paper.

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