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8 Easy Hacks To Make Your Stuff Look Cleaner And Smell Fresher

Easy tips and tricks to save you from the embarrassment having dirty, smelly things can result to
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 1, 2016
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They say "cleanliness is next to godliness." Too bad dirt, grime, and the rigors of daily life always throw a monkey wrench on our efforts to become, uhm, godlike.

Our man things are a clear evidence of this—grease stains on our polos, dirty sneakers, pungent laundry, and whatnot. The good news is, there are a ton of easy-to-do tips and tricks that can save us from the embarrassment having dirty things can result to (like that one time your date was turned off after taking a whiff of your smelly shirt).

As proof, we've compiled a list of eight such hacks that can keep your stuff looking and smelling cleaner below:

The vodka treatment

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Apparently, vodka isn't only good for giving you a bad hangover; it can keep your shirt smelling fresher longer as well. Spray a bit of vodka (not too much that it'll drip) on it and let it dry. The alcoholic beverage will kill odor-causing bacteria on the fabric. No need to put it inside the washing machine!

The toothbrush and vinegar combo

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For boots stained by water, snow, or salt, use a soft toothbrush previously soaked in vinegar. Scrub gently; the vinegar on the bristles will remove the stain.

The baking soda solution

If your feet have been pretty active, there's a good chance your shoes will smell as well. Place a small amount of baking soda inside your kicks. It will soak up the sweat and eliminate bad odors.

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For those stubborn ink stains

Squirt a bit of hand sanitizer on the ink stain on your shirt. Wait for 10 minutes and then wash it as you normally would. The hand sanitizer will loosen the ink just enough that no traces will remain after washing.


Grease stains counter

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If you've got a nasty grease stain on your shirt, place a bit of baby powder on it and blow off the excess. Let it sit for several minutes. Repeat a few times until the stain is gone.

For fresher smelling laundry

Another reason why vinegar is awesome: It can make your laundry smell fresher. Add about a cup for every load at the beginning of the wash (not at the end). Perfect for sour-smelling items like sweaty tees and sweatpants.

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A fruity solution for smelly soles

Orange, lemon, and grapefruit peels not only smell fruity, they can freshen up the inside of your shoes, too. Place a few on the inner sole and let it remain there for a few hours.

For those lipstick stains

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If your girl somehow became off-target with her kisses which landed instead on your shirt or polo, don't worry. While lipstick stains can be stubborn to remove, a washcloth dipped in isopropyl alcohol will do wonders. Place the cloth on the stain and gently rub to remove it.


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