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FHM's 28 Days Of Romansahan Day 25: 20 Worst Ways To End An LQ!

Sometimes, boyfriends fight with girlfriends. These are NOT the proper ways to end those fights.
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 25, 2014
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It’s our favorite time of the year—that’s aside from Christmas and the FHM 100 Sexiest Victory Party; okay, it’s our THIRD favorite time of the year! But who’s counting, right? What’s more important is it’s now February. The love month. The okay-lang-magwaldas-para-sa-date month. The only month men are allowed to be ultra-cheesy.

But do you have any idea HOW to be cheesy? Are you and your girlfriend/missus constantly bickering about your lack of romance? Do you attribute your singlehood to your lack of wooing skills? Well, we’re going to solve these all for you! FHM will be dishing out daily how-to-be-a-Don-Romantiko tips the whole month of February!

Gentlemen, welcome to FHM’s 28 Days Of Romansahan!


1) Bring up weight issues

Pointing out that she's gained weight will make any woman forget everything else, and in her mind, think: "Shet, tumaba ba talaga ako?"

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Konting exercise lang yan, pwede na!

For a moment at least, she'll forget why you're fighting in the first place. But just you wait until she remembers why. Patay ka brad.

2) Fake an asthma attack

Wheeze your way out of a word war by acting like you're running out of breath. If she loves you, she'll drop everything and will attempt to find your imaginary asthma meds.

3) Try to make everything okay with fart jokes

If you can make a girl smile, you can end the argument. And what better way to say, "Uy, tatawa na yan!" than with a well-timed fart.

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4) Say anything that starts or ends with "I'm telling my mom"

The side-effect: now she knows you're a mama's boy!

5) Appear like you're just doing all you can to keep the tears from breaking the dam #sympathycard

This is especially effective if you're a manly man who gives off the appearance that you never cry. The tears welling up in your eyes will be so jarring to her sight that she'll panic and think of what it is she told you.

Argument, over.

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