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Legit Ways To Make Money During Your Spare Time

Think on your toes and earn some dough
by Tanya Umali | Jan 17, 2017
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Let's face it, money is difficult to earn and once you do start earning, you'll find that what you're getting sometimes just isn't enough. However, you can't just tell your boss to give you a raise because you need extra cash. So what do you do?

You can't get a part-time job, especially if you work eight hours in the office. You'll just end up exhausting yourself. You'd be glad to know though that there are other ways you can earn extra money even when you're at work or during the few hours after your full-time work. Choose from our list of a few things you can do to add more money into your bank account:

Be a contributor of educational materials

If you've got the brains and lots of extra time, you can contribute what you know and get paid for doing it. Some companies in the field of education, such as tutorial centers, pay contributors per approved item so it's a good idea if you can make a lot of questions during your idle time. 

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If you're not into educational materials, then be a contributor of what you're an expert at. Whether it be about cars, technology, or other topics, there are companies looking for a writer to give them extra content.

Sell your old stuff

This one is the most obvious and the most common. All you have to do is take a photo of what you want to sell, think of a price, upload it online, and wait for someone to purchase it. 


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Teach a few subjects

Some people do it given that they have extra time (and energy) after their full-time job. If you could spare just an hour or two, then you can try teaching subjects such as English or Math or whatever subject you're knowledgeable in. 

Rent out your parking space

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Some people work at night while you work during the day. While your parking space is vacant from 8 am to 5 pm, you might find someone who is interested to rent it out while you're out working. This is a common scene with people living in condominiums where the parking space is scarce. Do take a hold of that opportunity and make some cash without even lifting a finger.

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