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'Modern Family’s' Ariel Winter Makes Us Want To DL Snapchat ASAP

This woman's jaw-dropping selfie game is so strong
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jul 25, 2016
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You've seen those flower headdresses and snazzy filters all over your social media feed. There are also the dogs, the moustaches, and the freaky face swaps. Indeed, Snapchat is slowly taking the smartphone world by storm—and there’s no escaping it.

In case you haven’t downloaded the app yet, because maybe you're not impressed by those filters, think again. There are tons of follow-worthy people to add on your list. And c'mon, who doesn't want to be bombarded by short videos of these beauties from time to time? Case Number 1: Ariel Winter.

In one of her most recent snaps, the Modern Family actress took us behind the scenes to show us how she prepares for an event…

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Later, she posted another video of herself, dancing around in a cab, not a care in the world. Our favorite TV geek's selfie game is so strong even Snapchat's filters couldn't handle her.


Of course, she threw in a couple effects in some of her other videos, just like the usual Snapchat-er we know.  

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Her snaps just keep getting better and better. To convince you more, watch this:

BRB, downloading...


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