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CHECKLIST: Are You Prepared For #RubyPH?

Here's a quickie&nbsp;<em>FHM</em>&nbsp;guide to protecting your things and readying yourselves for the oncoming <em>#RubyPH</em> deluge!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Dec 8, 2014
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Brace yourself, Metro Manila, #RubyPH is predicted to pass by between 8 p.m. to midnight tonight!

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According to PAGASA's latest update, Ruby has weakened from a typhoon to a tropical storm but still packs maximum sustained winds of 105 kilometers per hour and a gustiness of up to 135 kph.

We're no newbies when it comes to getting ready for storms and typhoons, but just in case you were too busy to prepare for Typhoon Ruby, here's a quickie FHM guide to protecting your things and readying yourselves for the oncoming deluge!

1)   Charge All Your Gadgets

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Make sure to fully charge all your gadgets (i.e. smartphones, tablets, laptops) and powerbanks while there's still electricity running. Well, not because you'll need it to harvest your crops on Hay Day or close a case on Criminal Case, you can use it to post updates and stay updated on social media.

2)   Know The Emergency Hotlines

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Screenshot this, save this photo, or just write them down manually. Just make sure to always have a copy of these important numbers on you. Knowing the designated hashtags (i.e. #RubyPH) is also useful when you're posting/searching disaster related updates on social network.

3)   Store Ready-To-Eat, No-Cook Meals And Clean Water

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You can never tell what will happen when you're near the middle of the storm. Streets may become unpassable, and stores might close down. And since we're expecting Typhoon Ruby to give us all its got for the next 24 to 36 hours, you might want to store no-cook meals and a good supply of clean drinking water. Snack bars like Snickers are also a good munch because of its high-energy content.

4)   Store All Your Valuables On A High Place

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Unless you live in a high-rise condo unit, you might want to temporarily store all your valuables like clothes, shoes, and porn DVDs on a high place where it won't be run over by water. Keeping them in a sealable dry plastic box: better.

5)   Prepare Your Car For The Worst

Since your personal Bumblebee is parked all alone outside, you might want to ensure that it'll also be safe from nature's fury. You can enforce your gates and clear your parking space from possible flying objects that can hit your car when the strong winds come in.

6)  Have Access To Your Important Documents

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Separately seal and keep all your important documents. Makes sure to have your passports, insurance policies, and financial documents, among others, in a safe and dry place that you can easily access during and after the storm.

7)   Check Your Disaster/Emergency Kit

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Is your first aid kit properly stocked with medicines? Do you have ample batteries for your flashlights and transistor radio? How about the candles?

8)   Know Where Is The Designated Evacuation Area In Your Barangay

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It's always better to expect the worst when you're in the mercy of nature. If ever shit hits the fan and you find yourself in the worst situation possible (hopefully not), knowing where the nearest evacuation center will sure come in handy.

9)   Cut Down Tree Branches/Take Down Signages That Are Close To Your House

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Because you don't want to be calling your insurance company because of a broken windshield after Ruby has passed.

Keep dry and safe, FHM Nation!

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