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#SkinnyProblems: What Do Palito And Kim Chiu Have In Common?

You think skinny people have it easier?
by Ash Mahinay | Sep 15, 2014
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We now know that FHM Bionic is all about pursuing an active lifestyle and achieving a fit physique, but before a man changes his figure for the better, it's imperative to address and accept the flaws of our own body frames. We've already acknowledged how it feels to be heavy, so we put the spotlight on our payatot brothers this time around!

Can you chow down enough food to feed a small family and not gain a single gram? You’re probably one of those genetically thin guys that everyone loves to hate. But what everyone fails to realize is it ain't easy being skinny as well. If you're horizontally-challenged like Palito and Kim Chiu, chances are...

You were bullied as a kid


You’ve already been mistaken for a girl from behind


People genuinely feel sorry for you every time you do a push-up


You can't get past a family reunion without a relative asking you if you're eating properly


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