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10 Things Kids Today Just Don't Get About Students Of Yesteryear

Precious analog experiences that today's swipe-generation will never encounter
by Chris Martin | Jun 18, 2016
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It’s that time of the year again when kids get excited for school, wear the newest, whitest school uniform their moms bought at Divisoria, and ride a school bus (that’s technically just a furnished jeepney) for the start of another year of ligawan learning.

Too bad for most of us, we’re already past those times and we’re now busy working our asses off to afford all the drool-worthy PS4 games revealed at E3 this year make a living. We shouldn’t be too jealous of today’s generation though, because while they have their youth, we had our own share of analog experiences that today's swipe-generation will never encounter. We list down 10 of them here!

1) Two words (and too many design elements for the brain to handle): Artista Notebooks

They were the pinnacle of Pinoy Pop Art. Who could ever resist the pabebe image of our favorite Pinoy celebrities using whatever prop was available in the studio. What made the notebooks more awesome were the psychedelic backgrounds designed by a graphic designer who apparently used every single Effects Filter the latest version of Photoshop had back then.

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2) CD players

Back in ancient times when phones couldn’t play music, what we had were CD players. They were round, they were bulky, they are practically impossible to carry around. But who the hell cares, these things are status symbols!

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3) Having your classmates take selfies using someone else’s phone

While all smartphones have cameras today, mobile devices that can take photos were rare Pokémons before. Those who had one instantly became one of the most popular kids in class. Everyone was friendly to them only because everyone wants to take a selfie.

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4) Taking down notes with a pen and paper

We didn’t have smartphones to take photos of the whiteboard nor had the internet speed to download a copy of the presentation. We had to rely on a pen, our notebooks, and the ability to write as fast as Quicksilver to take down notes before the prof cleans up the board. And we kept our notes in one of these:

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5) The Ultimate Barkada Souvenir: The Studio Group Photo

We never needed a selfie stick for the ultimate group shot. All we needed was a photo studio and the most swag-a-licious backdrop that ever existed.


6) Rushing home to watch the latest anime in the afternoon

Tropa 1: “Tol, tara basketball!”
Ikaw: “No, pre! I need to go home, malapit nang mag-Slam Dunk!”

There was no YouTube, no Crunchyroll, and no KissAnime that’ll save us when we miss an episode. We had to go home on the dot to find out if Kogure made that three-point shot or not. Because of this we became experts of jumping in a speeding bus or jeepney and we never needed Waze to recognize the fastest route to our house.

Remember this:

7) Prepaid internet cards

Free Wi-Fi or Broadband Connection never existed when we were young. We had to rely on dial-up connection powered up by prepaid internet cards. We also had to keep track on how many hours we’ve used on a random sheet of scratch paper just to make sure we won’t get cut off the net at a critical moment of an assignment (or watching porn, whichever floats your boat).

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This was formerly our ticket to the best experiences ever:

8) Yahoo! Messenger

Before the dawn of Viber or WeChat, there was Yahoo! Messenger. Aside from cellphones and telephones, the yellow smiley emoticon was our connection to our friends outside the school zone. It was the portal where we talked about who’s hot or who’s not on campus and where we ranted and cried over an unfinished project that’s due the following day.

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9) Using Encarta 97 or books for research

It was a wild, wild world when we’re writing a research paper when we were young. There was neither Google nor Wikipedia to save us, only books or a purple CD that contains all the information around the globe up to 1997.

Asking for testimonials on Friendster

It was the equivalent of a Facebook LIKE back then, except in lengthy paragraph form. And if you wrote a generic one, your friend will personally approach you and ask to make your "testi" more personal—even if you two just met a couple of weeks ago. #FeelingCloseMasyado

BONUS: Using these objects below

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Can we even still buy these things?

Did we miss anything in the list? Share on the comments section below the other things bagets today won’t ever experience and understand from when you were still in school!


Images via, Wikipedia, Pinoy Exchange, and Facebook

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