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Teach Your Girl How To Take The Perfect Sexy Selfies

Help her maximize that front-cam action
by Chise Alcantara | Dec 4, 2016
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Selfies have never been a guy thing to talk about. But they’ve become so popular that it’s almost impossible to not spot at least one while scrolling down your newsfeed. Sadly, not all selfies are that aesthetically pleasing to look at. Even worse, some of these less presentable selfies are posted by your close friends, family members, or even your girlfriend. That’s why we’re giving you a few tips that’ll help you and your loved ones look awesome online.

1) Woke-up like-this selfie

The Good: Remind her that washing her face is key to not looking so cranky. Taking your time to find some good lighting goes a long way. Ejay Leung, professional photographer says, “Natural light works best to give her skin a softer look.” Okay, we might be cheating a tiny bit, but at least she won’t look like a hungover Sadako reject.

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The Bad: We must reiterate: stop her from taking selfies the second she wakes up because 99 percent of the time, she’ll regret it anyway. Bad angles + bad lighting = bad picture. There is no reason to take this selfie unless she’s checking for bats inside the cave.

2) Mirror selfie

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The Good: “People take mirror selfies so they can get a better and wider angle when they want to show their whole body,” says Leung. It’s one of the most honest selfies a person can take since most of the time, it’s taken from a level angle, which lets other people see how that person would look like if they were standing in front of them.

The Bad: Overcompensating in selfies can really make a person look desperate for attention. Hence the birth of the ever cringe-worthy duck face. Tell her to just act as naturally as she can and people will appreciate her baby-I-was-bornthis-way-outlook vibe.

3) Oh Snap!

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The Good: Our generation’s interest summed up into a handy little app. It’s fun, quick, and easy. Therefore, the picture produced should not be overcomplicated (it’s not rocket science). Tell your girl to just have fun with it, and maybe even send you a naughty private snap your way so you’ll finally have a reason to open the app.

The Bad: Your girl should keep away from overly used filters. Even though they’re cute, no one really wants to see a rainbow-puking orgy. She doesn’t really have to make herself look weirder by contorting her face since that’s what the app is for. It would be pretty sad if they mistook her face for a new filter.

4) The Groufie

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The Good: Most people think that the only person they have to be concerned with is themselves. They don’t know that the people they’re with also shows a lot about who they are. Make her friends look presentable, too, by using a monopod (selfie stick). This allows her to angle the camera in a way that everyone fits inside the shot.

The Bad: One of the most important tips to consider when taking groufies is to make sure that everyone is on the same page when you take the selfie. This is to lessen the chance of people asking for retakes– “ Ang taba ko dyan!,” “ Hindi ako nakatingin , ano ba?!”

5) Butt selfie

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The Good: There’s a reason why our photographers don’t take just cleavage shots all the time. Leung says, “it’s important to try and bring out the model’s assets, but that’s mostly the photographer’s job. Instead of overselling her features, she should just practice her facial expressions to make them look more genuine in photos.”

The Bad: Remember: there’s nothing slutty with showing a bit of skin in photos. (See: If ya got it, flaunt it!) But there’s a difference between showing off what yo mama gave you and just being downright KSP. Begging people for attention by posting pictures of just her boobs just makes her look desperate. Believe us, our eyes will naturally focus on your assets by themselves.

6) Shower selfie

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The Good: Utilizing more features of the camera/phone is the key to taking really sexy and really well-produced selfies. “You actually have a lot to work with when you consider using the different elements of your environment; in this case, the steam and misty glass to add to the feel of the picture.

The Bad: We cannot stress this enough, please don’t let her ruin her camera by bringing it inside the shower. Just tell her to set the camera on a sturdy surface and set its timer so she doesn’t have to actually hold it. This allows her to pose properly for that money shot.


Model Maica Palo Photographer Ejay Leung Makeup Amanda Padilla Hair MJ Rone Styling Debra Bernales

Special thanks to Victoria Court, First Class Drive-In Hotel, Hillcrest Branch, Pasig City for letting us shoot in their Deluxe Rooms.

This feature originally appeared in the August 2016 issue of FHM Philippines.

Some edits were made by the editors.

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