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10 Easy Ways To Protect Your Heart Starting Today

Effective strategies to keep your blood pressure down and your heart pumping for years to come
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Feb 17, 2016
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No, this article won't tell you how to mend your broken heart and forget the girl who dumped you years ago. Instead, we’ll teach you simple methods on how to keep your heart, well, healthy so you could live longer—or just live long enough to win back that girl.

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Below is a list of easy-to-do tips and effective strategies to keep your blood pressure down and your heart pumping for years to come.

Just breathe

According to a study published in the medical journal Hypertension Research, taking in six long breaths in 30 seconds can lower your systolic blood pressure by as much as 4mm hg (millimetres of mercury) within minutes. Making this breathing technique a habit also makes the effects last longer.

Tighten your grip

We've been treating the humble hand grip as if it's just some toy that measures our hand's strength. Little did we know that using the diminutive exercise machine for a month can help lower blood pressure by up to 10 percent.

In a report in Journal Of Hypertension, researchers say that hand grip exercises create "shear stress" which improves the functions of blood vessels. Try doing four two-minute grips with each hand, with a minute of rest in between.

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Have sex

A study in American Journal Of Cardiology reveals that men who have sex once a month or less, have a 45-percent higher risk of developing heart disease compared to guys who do the deed twice or thrice a week. Thank you, (medical) science!

Eat your eggs

It is believed that consuming eggs can give you clearer arteries. One reason is that the yolk is a rich source of vitamins E, B12, and folate. Just limit yourself to a max of four eggs a day though; eating too many can also raise your cholesterol level.

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Sleep on time

Sleeping on time enables your body to reboot itself properly, which has positive effects on your heart and blood pressure. Compared to regular sleepers, insomniacs have a 45-percent higher risk of suffering a heart attack.

If you're having trouble sleeping, 30 minutes of exercising thrice a week can help you doze off better.

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Go bananas

The United States' Center For Disease Control found that getting an extra 1,000 milligrams of potassium everyday can lower systolic blood pressure. A banana packs about 420 mg of potassium, while baked sweet potatoes contain about 540 mg per medium-size piece.

Don't skip breakfast

Breakfast isn't called the most important meal of the day for nothing. According to a Harvard University study, men who skip breakfast have a 27-percent increased risk of developing coronary heart disease compared to those who don't. Researchers believe this is because of the fluctuations in glucose and higher levels of triglycerides—the main ingredient of fat.

Ditch energy drinks

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Energy drinks can do you more harm than good. These caffeine-rich beverages can increase blood pressure even in super healthy individuals, especially when consumed in copious amounts. If you're a big fan of these drinks, then you're familiar with the palpitations that come along with drinking it. 

Grab the mic

A study in Sweden found out that people who love to sing together have better heart rate variability or the interval between heartbeats. The more variable your heart rate, the better your chances of surviving a heart attack.

Smile and be positive

Being happy can easily reduce your body's chances of getting coronary artery diseases by up to 50 percent. Staying positive and having a sunny outlook in life help eliminate stress which in turn reduces your heart's workload or even inflammation.


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