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11 Awesome Toys From ToyCon PH 2015

These items will bring out the wide-eyed little kid in you!
by Peejo Pilar | Jun 21, 2015
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It's that time of the year again when men both young and young-at-heart go totally giddy at the sight of amazing curios, wonderful knickknacks, and marvelous playthings!

Is it Christmas already? Screw that holiday! It's ToyCon PH 2015, fellas! So go get your wallets, spit shine your credit cards, and count how much "free" cash you can burn (hey, it only comes once a year!) without having to eat instant noodles every day for the next few months. Currently ongoing at the SM Megatrade Hall in SM Megamall (it's on until tomorrow, June 21), it's a virtual wonderland that features some of the sleekest, nicest, most drool-worthy toys in town!

toycon 2015

And since, like our love for the finest women in the land, our appreciation for toys will never, ever waver, we trooped to the event to see which ones have the biggest potential to make us wish we poop and pee money. The result: the list below of 11 of the awesomest finds in this year's edition of the annual toy extravaganza!

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So what are you waiting for? Tomorrow is the last day of ToyCon PH 2015! Make it rain, lads! (This is where you start throwing your money around like a boss).

While you're at it, why don't you drop by the Summit Media booth in the venue and get a hold of our precious Maria Ozawa-fronted June 2015 issue? Like the toys, it's bound to be a collector's item!


Sakura Wars was an old 2000 Japanese anime that featured some awesome ladies who piloted steam-powered robots to battle monsters, magic, and pretty awful people. This specific toy is a pink variant of Sakura Shinguji's double katana-wielding juggernaut Kobu.

toycon 2015

How much cash you can expect to spend: The Variable Action - Sakura Wars: Kobu (Sakura Custom) pink variant will cost you P3,000. Not so bad for a pink steam-powered robot.

Where you can throw your money: Play Giant; mobile no.: 0917-6249216; email:

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If you happen to be some kind of construction nut or agricultural addict, then the guys at M&W Distributing Co., Inc. have something for you. They are the exclusive distributors of Bruder toys, a whole bunch of impressive farm and construction vehicles. You can easily see Bruder's company slogan "just like the real thing" in all it's plastic assembly glory.

toycon 2015

How much cash you can expect to spend: Depending on the model and accessories you add on, these radical Bruder vehicles and sets are priced at around P4,000 to P7,000.

Where you can throw your money: M&W Distributing Co., Inc. 14 Panay Avenue, Quezon City; tel. no.: 371-1936; website:


Activate interlock! Dynotherms connected! Infracells up! Mega thrusters are go! Let's go Voltron Force! Chances are you know these lines, and that makes you an '80s or '90s geek (and you're definitely not alone). This particular item is part of the Mattel Matty Collector Voltron collection. If you collect all five lions and figures, you get to combine them to form a 2-foot Voltron robot figure.

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toycon 2015

How much cash you can expect to spend: For the complete set of five cool cats and retro pilots, you'll be slapping a huge wad of at least P30,000 right in the faces of King Zarkon and Prince Lotor.

Where you can throw your money: Big Boys Toy Store; Facebook page:; mobile no.: 0922-8695944


Tamago's Cases and Bases not only provides customizable acrylic display cases and platforms for toy collectors, they also distribute the ultra-hip and über-cool toy series of 3A toys. If you notice the two goggled and gas masked badasses in the back of the pack, these are the NOM commanders. You can pee in excitement and awe later at home.

toycon 2015

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How much cash you can expect to spend: The 12-inch NOM Commanders Thrice Naut and Post Fire two-pack cost P30,000.

Where you can throw your money: Tamago's Cases and Bases; mobile no.: 0917-5979878; email:


Are you the type of person who feels like he wants to RKO everybody in plain sight? Do you like flexing your muscles and jumping off slightly elevated locations to deliver a smashing elbow crush to an imaginary opponent? Well, have we got the perfect accessory to help further you along your therapy!

This white WWE Intercontinental Championship belt is made from synthetic leather while the black WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt is made from real leather and steel. You know you want them.

toycon 2015

How much cash you can expect to spend: If you feel like an Intercontinental Champion, then it'll cost you around P10,000. But if you're aiming for the World Heavyweight Championship, then you gotta give the McMahons P25,000.

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Where you can throw your money: Jan's Collectibles; mobile no.: 0917-8022183; email:


It's a huge Terminator figure with a big-ass gun, stepping over human skulls, and has awesome red eyes that light up and scare little children. Bring out the checkbook! This one is going to hurt.

toycon 2015

How much cash you can expect to spend: Even without Arnold Schwarzenegger's skin, musculature, and face, this excellent Terminator figure will cost you a whopping P125,000. If you buy this, SkyNet may not send a Hunter Killer drone your way.

Where you can throw your money: Toy Empire; email:; tel. no.: 788-3572; mobile no.: 09175801558


Remember when you always imagined that you were driving a tank and wanted to crush all the cars and destroy all the houses of all the people you ever hated? No? Oh we guess that was just us then. But anyhoo... The guys at PanzerKraft can give you that fantasy at either 1/16 or 1/24 scale. Their remote-controlled VS Tanks are pretty cool. They even have a running engine sound to make things more realistic.

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toycon 2015

How much cash you can expect to spend: For the 1/72 scale models, you can pay P4,200 for a two-tank VS pack. If you want to play with the big boys and the bigger tanks, expect to shell out P7,500 and blast away.

Where you can throw your money: PanzerKraft; mobile no.: 039478916728; email:


Some people want to be accountants. There are those who want to become doctors. Others want to become pro athletes. But some blessed few want to be a Kamen Rider. That's where good old Nimoy comes in. He makes masks made from rubber and fiber glass for guys and girls who dream of becoming a power ranger or a Kamen Rider. Pretty awesome stuff!

toycon 2015

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How much cash you can expect to spend: Depending on the material you choose and the design, you'll need around P4,000 to around P7,000.

Where you can throw your money: Kamen Rider Nimoy; mobile no.: 0923-6730813; email:


Every '70s and '80s Pinoy kid knows the great Voltes V. This is the 40th Anniversary edition from Bandai. The guys at Great Toys thought it would be cool if they added an extra accessory to the display: a Tamashii Nations lightning power-up effect. They were right. It is spectacular!

toycon 2015

How much cash you can expect to spend: If you want to volt in and slash up some beast fighters, it'll cost you P10,300 for the Voltes V figure and an additional P1,160 for the funky lightning effects.

Where you can throw your money: Great Toys Online; Facebook page:

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If you guys thought that funky ball robot in the new Star Wars trailer was purely CG animation, think again. The guys at Sphero Philippines have brought in a toy that utilizes a similar technology. The Sphero 2.0 is an app-enabled ball that not only rolls around, but interacts with users, plays games, and even lights up in several colors. The Ollie on the other hand is a racing robot that is durable, fast (14 mph!), and even comes in custom tires and hubs for off-road trails.

toycon 2015

How much cash you can expect to spend: The Ollie's asking price is P7,899 while the rolling thunder Sphero is yours for P8,899.

Where you can throw your money: Sphero Philippines; email:; tel no.: 211-0804; mobile no.: 0998-9988000


Maxi Collectors are known for their huge life-size replica and toys. These official Sideshow Collectible life-size figures of Boba Fett and star-popsicle Han Solo, are one of the most striking pieces you'll ever see in any toy convention. Be sure to bring your phone for some awesome selfies with the bounty hunter and the loveable rogue.

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toycon 2015

How much cash you can expect to spend: If you want the life-size Boba Fett figure, it will cost you P425,000. That's a pretty high bounty. If you're interested in good old lifesize carbon-frozen Han Solo, this one is priced at P395,000. You better have a lot of galactic credits.

Where you can throw your money: Maxi Collector; website:
Photography KC Cruz
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