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Here's What's Next For 2017's Most Viral Money-Saving Challengers

Find out if they were able to continue hoarding those coins and bills
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jan 3, 2018
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We’ve featured a number of successful money-saving challenges that went viral last year. We started with the 52-Week Challenge, and then went on to the epic Bote Challenge. We also stumbled upon the P50 and Tipid Challenges. These various techniques were all inspiring, and it made us all believe that saving is indeed possible as long as you are motivated to achieve a certain goal.

Now that 2017 is over, we've caught up with two of last year's most popular money-savers: Yona Abella of the P50 Saving Challenge and Ivory Ongmanchi of the Tipid Challenge. We decided to ask these ladies how they spent their hard-earned cash and if they're planning on doing any new challenge this year Read on for some financial inspiration!

Yona Abella

P50 Saving Challenge

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Yona and her partner Kit Cunanan went viral again recently because of their new saving dare: The 1-Million Barya Challenge.

In our interview, the couple shared that they started the challenge right after we featured the P50 Saving Challenge in May of last year. They were already able to save a total of P5,000 worth of coins as of November 2017.

Looking back, Yona was able to save P42,300 during the P50 Saving Challenge. When we asked where she spent it, Yona shared: “Ginastos namin yun sa charity and yung iba pinang-gagastos namin for daily use. Meron pa ring natitira hanggang ngayon.”

As for saving plans this 2018, she said that she has started saving P20 bills since January 1. “Ang iniipon ko ngayon is P20 naman. Ang technique is like the P50 Saving Challenge, pero mas mahirap ito kasi mas madaming nagsusukli na P20 kaysa sa P50 kaya mas na-cha-challenge ako maging invisible yun. I’ll update you with the progress soon!”

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Saving can be quite addicting, especially if you’ve been successful before. As for Yona, she aims to challenge herself financially this year. “Siguro minsan iniisip mo na parang you are depriving yourself, pero mali yun. Instead, you should always think of your inspiration and kung bakit ka nag-iipon in the first place.”

Her tip on how to successfully save this year:Dapat habang bata ka pa, magkaroon ka na ng disiplina sa pag-iipon dahil hindi habang buhay bata tayo. Di rin habang buhay bata ang mga magulang natin. Kaya dapat hanggang kaya natin, tulungan natin makatipid ang parents natin. It all boils down to discipline talaga.”

She adds: “And also, remembere these tip: Pick a strategy. Ang mahalaga, may masimulan, kahit magkano pa yan. Record your expenses.  Isulat mo yung mga pumapasok at lumalabas na pera sa’yo. Make a budget. Bago ako umalis at pumunta sa mall, nililista ko na lahat ng kailangan ko bilhin. Dinisiplina ko talaga ang sarili ko to stick to the list and to the budget. Have an inspiration. My inspiration for doing this is my family. Whenever I feel like I can’t do it, iniisip ko lang sila.”

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Ivory Ongmanchi

Tipid Challenge


On the other hand, Ivory trended in June last year for her over the top money-saving challenge. Her technique back then was to empty her wallet of all the coins and P20, P50, and P100 bills, then put them in her savings bottle every night.

If you remembered, she was able to save P20,346 in just three months.

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Ivory shared that she spent a part of her savings for the renovation of her house, while she deposited the remaining amount in a bank. And, in case you were wondering, she has decided to continue the saving technique she shared last year.

“My saving challenge this 2018 is the same as before," she explained. "Every time na uuwi ako sa bahay from work, before I go to sleep, tinatabi ko lahat ng coins and small bills sa wallet ko, without counting how much I saved that day."

Pinag-patuloy ko yung pag-iipon ko kasi plano ko bumili ng kotse kong sarili this year or in case of emergency, may aasahan ako. Okay talaga na nagtitipid at may ipon ka, para confident ka sa future mo at sa future ng family mo.”

She even shared her progress so far:

Her tip on how to successfully save this year: “Kung talagang gusto niyo makapag-ipon para sa future niyo," she notes, "gumawa kayo ng sarili ninyong diskarte. Happy ako kasi marami pa rin akong na-inspire and na-motivate na mag-ipon kahit hindi sa paraan na katulad ng nagawa ko. Again, kanya-kanya po tayo ng strategy para sa sariling ikauunlad natin.”

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