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VIRAL: Someone Completed The 52-Week Challenge And Saved P100K+

…31 days before 2017 ends!
by Khatrina Bonagua | Dec 5, 2017
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Remember the 52-week money saving challenge we dared you to start January this year?

Apparently, someone already completed the task—even when there are still 31 days left this 2017!

Designer and aspiring architect Charmaine Lingat shared her successful saving story last December 1 on her Facebook account. The now-viral post shows a video of her opening a piggy bank and bamboo alkansya and a printout of the 52-week money saving guide just like the one we published above (She followed the 50-Peso increment).

What’s more impressive is that she stashed twice the targeted amount (which is P68,900), and saved a total of P137,800!

In the comments section, Charmaine recalled the hardships that she encountered while doing the saving dare. “Mahirap siya actually, kaya dapat may extra income ka rin. Di siya kaya ng sa sahod lang kukunin. Doble kayod kumbaga.”

“Pero di niyo naman kailangan pilitin kung di kaya, may 10,20,30 pesos challenge rin naman,” she adds.

She also shared a tip to those who are planning to do the same this coming year.

“Ang technique po kapag malaki na (ang required amount), mag-advance hulog na po kayo kapag may extra money. Kahit di niyo na malayo pa yung week na yun. Kung walang wala ring maihulog, bawi lang.”

Discipline lang po talaga.”


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