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7 Versatile Gear To Equip You For The Weird Weather

For when you're hot then you're cold (and vice versa)
by KC Calpo | Jul 2, 2017
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Clothing- and accessory-related decisions were a lot easier to make back then, and we mostly based them on the change in seasons. Feeling warm? Put on clothes made out of light fabrics; skip the jeans and leather. Cold? Don’t forget to bring a hoodie or sweater before heading out the door. It’s raining outside? Bring along a jacket and umbrella, and put on some boots.

It’s an entirely different story now. Thanks (or should we say no thanks?) to climate change and our lack of regard for the environment, you can bet on going from extreme heat and humidity to teeth-chattering cold and everything in between in one day. It may be waterworld outside, but you’re still sweating where you are. You spend hours inside an office with Winter Wonderland temps in the rainy/cold season, but head out to Hell on Earth. Oh, and expect a few thunderstorms and flash floods on the way home, after a day with a weather forecast of sunny skies.

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You can let the crazy weather ruin your mood and plans, or try to cope with it with some essential gear for everyday metro living. Here are our seven suggestions!

Your #1 fan

On your next shopping trip with the girlfriend, suggest a stop at the latest cheap-finds mecca, Miniso. Then make a beeline for the electronics section and get yourself a Portable Handheld Fan, because plain analog pamaypays just won’t cut it anymore.

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Your friends may laugh at you, but they’ll definitely stop when they’re overheating and you’re keeping your cool with this small rechargeable fan. Your call on whether you’ll share the breeze with them or not.

Check with your nearest Miniso outlet regarding colors, availability, and price.

Chill out!

Not a fan of portable fans? Alright, here’s another suggestion: a cooling towel. Because wiping off your bucketload of pawis won’t be enough!

Here’s how the Chill Pal works: take the towel, give it a good soak in cold water, wring all the water out, and—perfect for those who've dreamt of being cowboys in their childhood—whip it, partly to “trigger the evaporative cooling effect” and partly for flourish. Then use the PVA towel to control your body temp even as the outside temp rises. Hey, pal, how’s your Good Morning Towel working out for ya?

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Buy your own Chill Pal at Amazon for US$9.97 (around PhP500 without shipping fees).

Pound the ground

You want your kicks to be ready for sun, showers, and sunshowers. Instead of going for trendy and pricey footwear that won’t survive sudden rain or scuffs, consider something sensible and hardworking. You know, something like the Rockport Trail Technique Waterproof Oxford.

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These shoes make your feet comfortable during daily rounds in the metro, as well as dirty/muddy weekends spent outdoors. The other benefits: their midsoles won’t fight with your foot shape (making sure you can walk in them for long hours), and they’re made with cutting-edge materials that keep both the shoe exterior and insoles dry.

Visit a Rockport store at any of these locations to inquire about these shoes’ price and availability.


Break wind

(No, not that way. Come on, man.)

You know that feeling when you’re already getting drenched in the rain, but it’s still humid enough that your sweat keeps dripping down your back? Yeah. We hate it. The solution? Put on a windbreaker—it’ll keep the water off you, but won’t smother your body in heavy material.

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We’re thinking of one product in particular: Columbia’s Men’s Titan Lite Windbreaker. This nylon/polyester/elastane windbreaker is made with Columbia’s Omni-Shield material, which keeps water and stains away, and it also utilizes your sweat to keep you cool via Omni-Freeze ZERO tech.

Get it at the Columbia US website for US$120 (around PhP6,000 without shipping fees), or visit any Columbia Sportswear Company store for local price and availability.

Ramble on

Our fickle climate may be confusing for everyone, but know that some things won’t ever change. Like the Yeti Rambler 26oz bottle, which keeps your hot drinks piping hot and your cold drinks ice-cold through its double-wall vacuum insulation.

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That fact alone makes this stainless-steel container a winner for us, but wait, there’s more. Its size is enough for a few hours’ worth of liquids, it’s dishwasher-safe, and it doesn’t “sweat”—unlike us puny humans. Oh, and Yeti ships to the Philippines. We’re sold. Get your 26oz Rambler now from Yeti’s international website, and for PhP2,177 without shipping fees.

Weathering 'terran' weather

You know what we hate as much as being unprepared for bad weather? Getting our gadgets wet or damaged as a consequence of that unpreparedness. And while the Thule 15.6” Subterra Laptop Bag leans more toward a utilitarian look, it does more than other #fasyon laptop bags in keeping your device safe—bless the person who thought of using water-resistant materials for this product. It's also great for organized folks; this Subterra comes with specific containers for documents, cords, adapters, and even tablets and smartphones.

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Use Thule's Dealer Locator to find the nearest outlet or distributor near you.

Cool cat

Sometimes, we like taking a break from our dependable smartphones, and switch to actual digital cameras for our travel and vanity shots. The new Nikon CoolPix W300 doesn’t only fit our all-weather requirement and has everything you’d expect from a rugged shooter; it also shoots 4K UHD videos of anything that captures your fancy on land or under the sea.

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According to Digital Photography Review, Nikon is putting a US$389.95 price tag on the W300 (around PhP19,700 without shipping charges). Check with your nearest Nikon store for availability and local price.


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