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Alternative Gift Sources For Your Holiday Season Checklist

You don't have to wait for the extended mall hours to source your presents
by Anne Mari Ronquillo | Sep 17, 2017
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There are two kinds of people that exist here on God’s green Earth: those who give thoughtful gifts in exquisite wrapping and those who simply slap a gift card on a Uniqlo shopping bag. We don’t all have the time and willpower to bump elbows with mall shoppers. But, you have to know, there’s still a way to participate in the season of giving, and it’s smart to get ahead by getting started early.

The art of thoughtful gift-giving need not be lost on the smartphone generation—especially now that we have the means to do our shopping on mobile devices. Get ready to be this year’s coolest Tito, Ninong, or Secret Santa!

Sustainable drinkware

Give these gifts instead of: the usual coffee mug.

We’ve all seen what plastic does to our oceans. Even the world’s drinking water is reported to be contaminated by plastic fibers. While the road to zero-waste is long and arduous, you can start small by ditching plastic straws. These stainless steel straws from GoZero PH are a great starter pack to encourage a garbage-free life. Get one for yourself and give some friends (and the environment) the gift of sustainability.

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Meanwhile, reusable to-go coffee cups will do right by the folks who like their beverages warm. We all know that coffee snobs are some of the hardest people to please. The good news is that the KeepCup has garnered a cult following from the exclusive demographic of eco-activist-coffee-snobs. You won’t disappoint!

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It’s time to give back to your generous ninang

You know her. She’s the one Ninang who can afford to give you the coolest toys that your parents didn’t give you based on principle. She wrapped them with kraft paper, lovingly secured by jute strings and personalized gift tags. Now it’s your turn to spoil her with a throw pillow or two to adorn her always lovely home. These tropical print pillows from Grace Home Manila may be on the pricey side, but they are coveted by anyone who also loves HGTV. It’s your turn to spoil her.

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Become the favorite ninong

These local wooden toys from Seed Studio are part of every parent’s Pinterest fever dream. Simple toys like these are making a comeback, and parents will love you for not being the one who gave the obnoxiously loud musical toy!

Something quirky, something useful

Indoor plants are all the rage right now, but there’s something to be said about the planters that hold them. This guy makes pots out of lahar and cement, which is a truly profound, earthly way to grow little green babies.

Spread some love with that butter knife

Some people’s jams are actual jams. Christmas is really just the season to trade homemade jarred goods because we have no idea where to get frankincense and myrrh. Guava and pineapple jams from Ergino’s will make for good, light breakfasts to combat overwhelming holiday dinners.

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Or you could give your friends the gift of a good, creamy sandwich by ordering some almond jams from Shaker Makers. They come in mixed with matcha or cacao, so you’re sure to delight even the scrooge-iest taste buds.


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