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10 Silly Terms All Online Gamers Would Understand

Because gamers have their own culture.
October 24, 2016

Gamers have their own culture, and like all cultures, have developed their own lingo. If you’ve dabbled in some gaming yourself, you shouldn’t have any problem identifying the terms below. If you don’t though, let this list serve as a handy cheat sheet just so you won’t look like too much of "n00b."

What it means: The term, which stands for "imbalanced," refers to a player who's either too strong or too weak for a battle that's about to take place.

What it means: The term, which stands for "communications satellite," refers to a player who peeps at an opponent's computer screen.

What it means: The term refers to a player whose skills compare to that of a perfect player and is usually accompanied by an unprecedented winning streak. 

What it means: The term, which stands for "player versus player," refers to a battle that involves actual players as opposed to an A.I. (artificial intelligence).

What it means: The term, which is exchanged by opposing players right before a battle, is an abbreviation for "good luck, have fun." 

What it means: The term, which means "disconnected," is used by players who got disconnected from the game while playing due to game server issues or an erratic Internet connection.

What it means: The term, which stands for "newbie," refers to a player who has zero or very little experience with the game he's currently playing.

What it means: The term refers to a player who places himself in a strategic position and waits for an opponent to arrive. However, the word is mostly associated with cowardice.

"Rage Quit"
What it means: In online gaming, "rage quit" is the act of suddenly quitting the game after an argument, extreme frustration, or a loss.

What it means: The term refers to a player who stirs up drama and instigates bickering among players using trash talk. Because of this, trolls often get banned from the game server.

Now that you've brushed up on your jargons, we'd like you to download Special Force 2, kick some serious butt online, and give these words a try! We’re hoping you’ll do us proud and start talking gamerspeak like a pro.

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