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4 Times It's Okay To Take a Selfie

Handy rules to live by in this modern age of social media
December 29, 2016
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The art of taking the perfect selfie is one lost to most of the male population of the world. Guys are more likely to just point and shoot, but will also consider things like angles or composition or bad lighting. If you’re one of the rare breed of men who actually gives a damn and want to pull off awesome shots that will stand out from the rest (and perhaps even catch the attention of the ladies), here are four times when it's ok to post a selfie. 

Post one with your idol
Next time you watch a game, watch a concert, or catch a movie premiere, pick a spot near the aisle and as he's walking by, call out and ask for a quick snap and fire away. Make sure you have a steady hand so that the shot doesn't come out blurry, and also make sure that you have sufficient memory in your device. You don't want to miss out on a great snap! 

Post one with your crush
Go hard, or go home! You really like this girl, and the selfie is a harmless way of taking a photo with her. Just make sure that the occassion calls for it, like at a party (New Year party, maybe?). Also, don't get fresh and put your arm around her or hold the small of her back. You dont' want to be too touchy and scare her away. 

Post one when celebrating #tagumpay
From the big things to the little ones—from the birth of a child or god child, to a promotion at work, to scoring premiere movie tickets, or even a win at your barangay liga. These are all legit causes for celebration, hence, also all selfie-worthy moments. 

Post one with the world's most celebrated brandy
While selfies, by definition, need to include at least a part of you in the picture, you don’t necessarily have to be the only star of the show. Share the stage with your awesome barkada and your favorite bottle of Emperador Brandy—the world's most celebrated brandy.  

Next time you want to share a joyous moment, don’t hesitate to snap a selfie, groufie, or perhaps even an #EMPfie since no occasion is complete without a bottle of Emperador Brandy. After all, taking selfies is a fun way to show the world your confidence, personality, and all the triumphs and milestones in your life.

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